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Provisionals' weekend

by PCW ~, 06 February 2009

Beginners and Provisionals weekend 17/18th Jan 2009

On a particularly wet weekend, Clare Dallimore, Jessica Mellor, Ryan Perrott, Martin Wood, Annabelle Hallihan, Richard Sore, Corrie Schriyver, Trev Rogers, Guy Bryan-Brown, John Wellbelove, Sally Bennett and Chris Amabilino gathered perhaps rather nervously in the Long Common Room to learn their fate.

They needn't have worried. Lizzy and her team of leaders and cooks were ready to encourage, guide and feed. Thanks to everyone who came and caved or helped organise or cook or wash up!               (If you have any more pictures please send them in, or if you want to write about your trip.)

Trev, Guy, Chris, Annie, PCW and Piers about to enter OFD 1 Gearing up for Bolt Traverse - photos by Piers Hallihan
Annie gets her gear inspected . .
Queuing up for the jump?
Annie in Pi Chamber
In Pi chamber (by the light of a Sten)
The lads stand in the rushing river . .
. . but it needs respect, and we went back the way we came.
PCW hopes not to get washed away.
Guy pushes against the resurging sump water
Annie is concentrating real hard . . .
Trev will fix your broadband.

"" Although I am not a provisional member. Having re joined the club after some 25 years I was absolutely delighted when Lizzie organised the provisionals weekend. My memory of where to go is distinctly absent, and contact with people I used to cave with is minimal.

Saturday morning we duly gathered in the long commom room and were split into groups. beginners, intermediate and less intermediate. I went in the intermediate group with Ian, Jenny and Helen and Bill and several provisional members,and we walked up to top entrance in glorious sunshine. (we did consider going hillwalking instead.) however, we did a figure of eight 4 hour trip, taking in a visit to the judge and trident, some traversing, a lovely crawl to timo's table, and we got our feet wet in a shallow streamway.

In the evening Lizzie and Les cooked spag bol for us (we were treated like vip's) with cheesecake for pudding. Then there was a slide show in the common room, and afterwards lots of chatting and laughs and organising trips for the next day.

Being brought together in a semi organised fashion is just what provisionals need to feel more comfortable about going to the club. It is quite a challenge for some one who does not know many members to go caving with, to venture to the club on their own and harass members/leaders for a trip. This weekend did not pose that challenge.

The atmosphere amongst the provisionals was great, There was great enthousiasm by all who attended the weekend and I think that after this great experience, many will both continue caving and be looking forward to the next provisionals weekend, (hopefully in approx 2 - 3 months time?)

Thank you Lizzie, Well done!! Corrie S ""

Meanwhile Lel has been cooking up a feast.
Lizzy dishes up . and as usual Ian torments Bonnie (she loves it)
Mandie and Rhys bring along our newest provisional . .
. . and she is already testing her knots!              ~ by PCW