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[ in Journal of the Gower Society]1
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100 years of organized Hungarian Speleology1
10th International Congress of Speleology2
150 Let, Postojnske Jama 1818-19682
25 Jahre Neuere Beatushohlen Forschung1
2nd Exposicion Internacional de Espeleologia, Barcelona1
30 Years of Speleological Research in Hungary1
50 years of Texas Caving1
50th Anniversary Publication1
A Barlangok Eghajlati Es Bioklima-Tologiai Sajatossagai1
A Bibliography of British Karst1
A Brief Introduction to China's Karst Research1
A Cavers View of the Clydach River1
A Caving manual1
A Classification of Igneous Rocks and Glossary of Terms1
A Deep Natural Cavern at Westleigh1
A Dictionary of Karst and Caves1
A Dictionary of Spanish/American/Portuguese Mining Terms1
A Dynamic Stratigraphy of the British Isles1
A Gazetteer of the Welsh Slate Industry1
A Gazetteer to The Metal Mines of Scotland1
A Glossary of the Mining & Mineral Industry1
A Guide to The Control of Explosives 19911
A Guide to The Mines of West Cornwall2
A Guide to Torquay Nat.Hist.Mus. with Plan & Notes on Kents Cav.1
A Guide to the mines of West Cornwall1
A History of Gaping Ghyll and Ingleborough Cave1
A History of Lead Mining in the Pennines1
A History of Sygun1
A History of Tin Mining and Smelting in Cornwall1
A History of the Exploration of Swildons Hole1
A List of Mines in North Devon and West Somerset1
A Man Deep in Mendip1
A Manual on the Hydraulic Ram for Pumping Water1
A Mendip Cavers Ropework Guide1
A Note on The Correlation of the Kerry/Cork Glaciations1
A Petrological Study of the Limestones of the Moine Series of Ardgour, Ayrshire1
A Philippine Cave Index and Bibliography1
A Pictorial History of Swildons Hole1
A Preliminary Report on the Karst Morphology of the Nullarbor Plains by J.N Jennings1
A Reassessment of Opencast Coalmining1
A Short History of Kents Cavern1
A Short History of the Scottish Coalmining Industry1
A Study of Limestone Solution in NW Clare, Eire1
A Study of the Shapes & Dist.of The Lead Deps.in The Pennine LS1
A Succinct Account of the Lime Rocks of Plymouth1
A Tale of Cheddar Caves 100 Years Ago1
A Three Peaks Up and Under1
A Tour to The Caves1
A Travers le Karst1
A Treatise on Mine Surveying2
A Visitors Guide to Underground Britain1
A bedside book for older Cavers1
A dictionary of Karst & Caves1
A glimmering in darkness2
A history of the Fuller's earth mining industry around Bath1
A la Decouverte des Hommes Prehistorique1
Abissi Delle Alpi Apuane1
Aboriginal Paintings from Australia1
About Castleton1
Access to Caves1
Acta Biologica 2,Knjiga 301
Acta Carsologica1
Acta Geogaphica1
Acta Geologica Vol 3,Knjiga 311
Activities Newsletter1
Adelina Patti a brief account of her life1
Advanced First Aid for Cave Rescue1
Adventure underground: the story of the world's great tunnels1
Adventurers Slopes1
Adventures Underground1
Agen Allwedd - S20021
Aggteleki Karsztvidek1
Agua 96 cave diving expedition1
Air Pollution in Mines1
All that Remains1
Alone to Everest1
Alpi Giule1
Alpine Caving Techniques1
Alpiniste Complet1
Also Hegyi Zsombolyatlasz1
American Caves and Caving2
American Caving Accident1
An Account of the Caves of Ballybunian1
An Exploration Journal of Llangattwg Mountain CSS1
An Initial Estimate of the Speed of Limestone Solution in Co.Clare1
An Introduction to British Limestone Karst Environments1
An Introduction to Cave Photography1
An Introduction to Cave Surveying1
An Introduction to Technical Diving1
An Unconventional Guide to The Caverns of Castleton1
Ancient Castleton Caves2
Angraben uber Jugooslawien1
Annual Journal Red Dragon1
Annual Report3
Anthracite Open Pit Mining, A Feasability Study1
Applied Geophysics1
Archaeologia Cambrensis1
Architecture des Temps Jeita1
Arthur Woolf,The Cornish Engineer1
Ashton & Reid on Clubs & Societies1
Asi es mi Pais1
Aspects of the History of Slovene Karst 1545 - 20081
Aspects of the Pleistocene History of North Mayo1
Atlas Great Caves of the World1
Atlas Souterrain de la Provence et des Alpes de Lumiere1
Atlas der Dachstein-Mammuthohle1
Atlas des Grands Gouffres du Mond 19721
Atlas des Grands Gouffres du Mond 19791
Atlas des Grands Gouffres du Monde2
Atlas des Grottes de Savoie [Packs of separate maps1
Atlas of the Berry Head Caves1
Atti E Memorie1
Au Coeur des Pyrenees1
Au Pays des Eaux Folles1
Au Pays du Grand Silence Noir1
Au-Dela des Siphons1
Australian Caves1
Australian Karst Index 19851
Australian Speleo Abstracts1
Australian Speleological Federation, Proc of the 8th Bienn Conf1
Avec Michel Siffre dans le Gouffre du Scarasson1
Aventura por la comarca del Ason1
Aventuras en el Mundo de las Tinirblas1
Aventuri Sub Pamint1
Axbridge Caving Group and Archaeological Society1
BCA Newsletter1
BCRA Cave and Karst Science1
BCRA Explosives User Group1
Babar and the Professor1
Back Home at Last1
Back in Time for Tea and Medals1
Bad Ground, inside the Beaconsfield Mine Rescue1
Basic Underwater Cave Surveying1
Bat Investigations on Llangattwg 1983/84 CSS1
Bath Stone Quarries1
Batu Caves2
Beam Engines1
Beautiful British Columbia2
Beautiful Kweilin1
Belfry Bulletin1
Beneath The LakeLand Fells1
Beneath The Mountains1
Beneath our Feet, The caves & Limestone scenery of the North of Ireland1
Beneath the Cloud Forests1
Beneath the Surface1
Bergwerke & Hohlen im Harz1
Berliner Hohlenkundliche Berichte1
Bernese Area1
Beyond Mammoth cave1
Beyond Time1
Beyond my own lamps beam1
Bibl.& Index of Geol.& Allied Sciences for Wales & Welsh Borders1
Bibliographie Speleologique Belge 1907-19641
Bibliographie Speleologique Belge 1965-19691
Bibliographie Speleologique Belge 1970-19741
Bibliographie Speleologique de L'Irak1
Bibliographie zur Karst Und Hohle in Deutschland, 19631
Bibliographie zur Karst Und Hohle in der Bundes.Deutsch.1970-721
Bibliographie zur Karst Und Hohle in der Bundes.Deutsch.1973-751
Bibliographie zur Karst Und Hohle in der Bundes.Deutsch.1980-811
Bibliographie zur Karst Und Hohlenkunde in Deutschland 1982-831
Biological Supplement1
Biospeleology, The Biology of Cavernicolous Animals1
Bir al Ghanam Karst Study Project1
Birds of Britain and Europe1
Black Country Pits1
Blind White Fish in Persia1
Bone, Tooth & Horn Tools of Palaeolithic Man1
Box Freestone Mines1
Box Stone Mines1
Bramabiau. Sur L'Etrangete Souterraine1
Brecon Beacons National Park Plan 3rd Edition 1993-19981
Brecon Beacons National Park Scenery, Geology1
Brecon Beacons News1
Breconshire Birds Annual Report 2017 Vol 7 No 2 WTSWW1
Breconshire Naturalist1
Brigshaw Underground1
Brindley at Wet Earth Colliery1
Britain BC1
Britain Underground1
Britain's Old Metal Mines3
British Caenozoic fossils1
British Caves and Potholes1
British Caving4
British Karst Research Expedition to The Himalaya1
British Karst Research Expedition to The Himalaya 19701
British Mesozoic fossils1
British Mining1
British Mining Fields1
British Palaeozic fossils1
British Quarrying and Slag Federation, Members 19721
British Quaternary Studies1
British Regional Geology South Wales1
British Regional Geology The Grampian Highlands1
British Regional Geology, North Wales1
British Regional Geology, South Wales3
British Regional Geology, South West England1
British Regional Geology, The Pennines and Adjacent Areas1
British Regional Geology. South Wales.1
Budapest cave capital1
Buletin Stiintific1
Bulletin Association Francaise de Karstologie1
Bulletin Association Speleologique Nimoise1
Bulletin Comite National de Speleologie1
Bulletin D'Information1
Bulletin Groupe Speleologique de Bourg en Bresse1
Bulletin Illustre1
Bulletin Mendip Caving Group MCG1
Bulletin Periodique,C.N.S.1
Bulletin Societe Speleologique et Prehistorique de Bordeaux1
Bulletin Spele Aude1
Bulletin Speleo Club des Causses1
Bulletin de Liason, Speleo Club de Lutece1
Bulletin de la Societe Serbe de Geographie3
Bulletin de liason du CDS 06, Comite de spel des Alpes Maritimes1
Bulletin of Karst1
Bulletin of The Geological Survey of Great Britain, No 141
Bulletin of the Cave Exploration Group of East Africa Vol 11
Bulletin of the Geological Society of America Vol 411
Bulletin of the Geological Society of China, Vol 13 N0 31
Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Great Britain, No 141
Bumbling in the Dark1
Bungonia Caves1
Burnley Review1
Butterflies and moths, a field Guide in colour1
CCC,The History of the Cornish Copper Company1
CDG Newsletter1
CNCC Newsletter1
CNCC Rigging Guide Vol 1 Version 31
CNCC Rigging Guide Vol 2 Version 31
CNCC eco rigging Guide No 21
CNCC eco rigging Guide No 31
CNCC rigging Guide Vol 1 [Compilation of original CNCC Rigging Guides Nos 1-3]1
Cambrian Caving Council Newsletter CCC1
Canadian Caver1
Canyons du Vercors et Alentours1
Caradon and Looe, The Canal, Railways and Mines1
Carboniferous Succession at Loughshinny1
Cardabelle, Herault1
Cardiganshire its Mines & Miners1
Carlsbad Cavern The Early Years1
Carlsbad Caves and a Camera2
Carte Hydrogeologique des Grands Causses1
Cascades, Gorges et canyons dans le Haut Jura1
Cataleg Espeleologic de Catalunya, Vol 11
Cataleg Espeleologic de Catalunya, Vol 21
Cataleg Espeleologic de Catalunya, Vol 31
Catalogo Espeleologico de Macizo de Garraf, Vol 11
Catalogo Espeleologico de Macizo de Garraf, Vol 21
Catalogo Espeleologico de Macizo de Garraf, Vol 31
Catalogo Espeleologico de la Provincia de Barcelona1
Cathedral showcave official Guide1
Causse Toujours No.21
Causses et gorge du Tarn1
Cave Art1
Cave Boy1
Cave Conservation and Restoration 2006 Edition1
Cave Deposits & Palaeoclimatology1
Cave Deposits and Palaeoclimatology1
Cave Diving Notes1
Cave Diving , The CDG Manual2
Cave Diving Magazine1
Cave Exploration in Canada1
Cave Exploration in Canada1
Cave Exploring1
Cave Fauna1
Cave Hunting1
Cave Hunting Holidays in Peakland1
Cave Hunting Holidays in The Peakland1
Cave Illustrations Before 19001
Cave Life evolution and ecology1
Cave Mapping A Systematic Approach1
Cave Minerals2
Cave Minerals of the World1
Cave Nature and Culture1
Cave Notes3
Cave Notes Co.Clare1
Cave Notes: County Clare Ireland1
Cave Paintings of the Early Stone Age1
Cave Passages1
Cave Pearls of Meghalaya Vol 1 Pala Range and Kopili Valley [CD included]1
Cave Photography1
Cave Photography A Practical Guide1
Cave Rescue2
Cave Rescuers Manual1
Cave Safe 21
Cave Science1
Cave Science BCRA1
Cave Studies1
Cave Surveying1
Cave Surveys from the Yorkshire Dales1
Cave and Quarry1
Cave craft1
Cave men new and old1
Cave of Loltun, Yucatan1
Cavern Researches1
Cavern of Crystal Giants1
Cavern of the dragon1
Cavernas O Fascinante Brasil Subterraneo1
Cavernas do Parana1
Cavernas y Minas patrimonio subterraneo de Cantabria1
Caverne Ornee de Bara Bahau1
Cavernes des Bauges1
Cavernes en Perigord1
Cavernous depths of Yorkshire1
Caverns & Mines of Matlock Bath Vol 11
Caverns Measureless to Man2
Caverns of Virginia1
Caverns of West Virginia2
Caves & Karst of the Yorkshire Dales1
Caves An Anthology1
Caves Beyond Time1
Caves Cliffs and Canyons1
Caves Graves and Catacombs1
Caves and Cave Diving2
Caves and Cave Life1
Caves and Caverns of the Peakland2
Caves and Caving7
Caves and Caving in Britain1
Caves and Conservation2
Caves and Karst1
Caves and Karst Vol 13 No 51
Caves and Karst Vol 14 No 11
Caves and Karst Vol 14 No 21
Caves and Karst of Switzerland1
Caves and Karst of the Brecon Beacons National Park1
Caves and Karst of the Peak District1
Caves and Karst of the USA1
Caves and Karst of the Yorkshire Dales1
Caves and Karst of the Yorkshire Dales Vol 11
Caves and Karst of the Yorkshire Dales Vol 21
Caves and Karsts of Southern England and South Wales1
Caves and Speleology in Bulgaria1
Caves and Swallets of the River Manifold1
Caves and the marvellous world beneath us2
Caves beyond Time1
Caves in Czechoslovakia1
Caves in Wales and The Marches3
Caves in the Cong Area of Galway & Mayo1
Caves in the Desert1
Caves in the Tralee District, Co.Kerry1
Caves of Adventure2
Caves of Assynt1
Caves of County Clare2
Caves of County Clare and South Galway2
Caves of Derbyshire3
Caves of Devon1
Caves of Gower1
Caves of Indiana1
Caves of Malta1
Caves of Missouri1
Caves of Mulu2
Caves of Mulu '802
Caves of North-East Wales1
Caves of Northern Derbyshire, Part 1, Eldon Hill1
Caves of Northern Derbyshire, Part 2, Giants-Oxlow System1
Caves of Northern Derbyshire, Part 3, Perryfoot/Coalpithole1
Caves of Northern Derbyshire, Part 4, Rushup Edge Swallets1
Caves of Northern Derbyshire, Part 5, Treak Cliff Hill2
Caves of Skye1
Caves of South Wales6
Caves of The Peak District1
Caves of Thunder1
Caves of Virginia1
Caves of the Bristol Region1
Caves of the Canadian Rockies & Columbia Mountains1
Caves of the Mellte Valley2
Caves of the Peak District1
Caves, Exploring Hidden Realms1
Caves; Processes, Development, Management1
Caving Expeditions2
Caving International1
Caving Practice and Equipment2
Caving Reports1
Caving Technical Guide1
Caving and Potholing2
Caving in Australia1
Caving in Italy1
Caving in Norway1
Cavites Majeure du Plateau de Mejannes-le-Clap1
Celebrated American Caverns1
Celebrated American Caves1
Centenary History of S.Staffs. & Warwicks. Inst.of Mining Engrs1
Ceskosloveski Kras1
Cesky Kras1
Characteristics of Limestone Solution in the Southern Rocky Mountains and Selkirk Mountains, Alberta and British Columbia1
Chartreuse Souterraine2
Cheddar Caves1
Cheddar Gorge1
Chwareli a Chwarelwyr1
Ciencia Al Dia1
Cinerary Urns from Kirk Ireton1
Clamouse cavern1
Classic Darksite Diving1
Classic caves of the Peak district1
Classic walks the most spectacular walks in the world1
Classical Karst and Istria1
Cliff Castles and Cave Dwellings of Europe1
Climb to The Lost World1
Climbing Blind1
Coal Dust and Cave Mud1
Coal Mining1
Coal Mining in the Llanelli area1
Coal Mining in the Llanelli area, vol 2 1830-18711
Coal Mining, Report of the Technical Advisory Committee1
Coal Petrology1
Coal Society1
Coal: Yesterday, To-day, & Tomorrow1
Coalbrookdale Coalfield, Catalogue of Mines and Mining Bibliog.1
Coast and Karst in Istria Rossa2
Codification of Bibliographical Card Index's1
Collieries of South Wales : 11
Colliers and I1
Colliery Yearbook & Coaltrades Directory 19401
Colliery Yearbook & Coaltrades Directory 19501
Colloque International de Speleologie1
Coloriez Lascaux en Perigord1
Coming to South Wales Caves1
Comment on Descend sous Terre1
Commission de Topographie et de Toponimie Bulletin1
Comms.sobre el Carst Provincio de Murcia, No 21
Compass Points1
Compte Rendu1
Computers for Libraries1
Comunicaciones sobre el Carst en la Provincia de Murcia 1972-731
Coniston Copper Mines1
Contributions to The Study of Karst1
Contributions to the study of Karst1
Copper Mining in Cornwall and Devon2
Cornish Engine Houses1
Cornish Mining2
Cornish Mining Notes1
Cornish Pumping Engines1
Cornwall its Mines and Miners1
Cornwall's Central Mines, The Northern District 1810-18951
Cornwall's Central Mines, The Southern District 1810-18951
Cornwall's Mines and Miners1
Cornwall's Old Mines1
Corpus Cavernico Mayoricense1
Council of Southern Caving Clubs Handbook2
Countryside Council for Wales Annual Report 1992-19931
Creeping How to overcome narrow passages in caves1
Creg Journal BCRA1
Crewe Climbing and Potholing Club CCPC1
Crypts Caves and Catacombs1
Crystal Structures and Cation Sites of the Rock Forming Minerals1
Cuadernos de Espeleologia2
Cuadernos del Ason1
Cuceritorii Intunericului1
Cuevas y Carsos1
Cuevas y Pictografias1
Cumberland Iron1
Cwmdwr 21
Cwmorthin Slate Quarry2
Cyprus Caving History1
D.C. Speleograph1
DYO Dan Yr Ogof & Pant Mawr- S2016 - Sketch Map of Dan Yr Ogof and Pant Mawr areas showing Caves, Geology and Drainage1
DYO Dan Yr Ogof & Pant Mawr- S2017 - Sketch Map of Dan Yr Ogof and Pant Mawr areas showing Caves, Geology and Drainage1
DYO Dan Yr Ogof & Pant Mawr- S2018 - Sketch Map of Dan Yr Ogof and Pant Mawr areas showing Caves, Geology and Drainage1
DYO Dan Yr Ogof & Pwll Dwfn - S2008 - Longitudinal Sections Related to Lithology1
DYO Dan Yr Ogof & Pwll Dwfn - S2029 - Longitudinal Sections Related to Lithology1
DYO Dan Yr Ogof - Ogof Yr Esgyrn - The Bone Cave - S20141
DYO Dan Yr Ogof - S2005 - High and Mighty Series1
DYO Dan Yr Ogof - S2006 - Provisional Plan1
DYO Dan Yr Ogof - S2007 - Extensions1
DYO Dan Yr Ogof - S2009 - Dan Yr Ogof Extensions1
DYO Dan Yr Ogof - S2013 - Provisional Plan1
DYO Dan Yr Ogof - S2015 - Geology, Drainage and Structure in the Dan Yr Ogof Catchment Area1
DYO Dan Yr Ogof - S2019 - Geology, Drainage and Structure in the Dan Yr Ogof Catchment Area1
DYO Dan Yr Ogof - S2020 - Plan of Dan Yr Ogof One and Two1
DYO Dan Yr Ogof - S2021 - New Series1
DYO Dan Yr Ogof - S20251
DYO Dan Yr Ogof - S20301
DYO Dan Yr Ogof - S20311
DYO Dan Yr Ogof - S2032 - Geology, Drainage and Structure in the Dan Yr Ogof Catchment Area1
Dan yr Ogof1
Dan yr Ogof showcave official Guide1
Dan yr Ogof, the jewel of Welsh caves1
Danmarks Minedrift1
Dark Life1
Dark World1
Dartmoor Mines1
Dauphine Souterrain1
De la Bourne a Herbouilly1
Decouvrir le Monde Souterrain1
Deep Well Drilling1
Deep down1
Deep into Blue Holes1
Deep secrets1
Denudation in Limestone Regions1
Deportes de Aventura1
Der Frankische Hohlenspiegel1
Der Schlaz1
Derbyshire Caving Association DCA1
Derbyshire Lead and Lead Mining1
Derbyshire Leadmining Through The Centuries1
Derbyshire Miscellany1
Descente Sportive, Gorges et Canyons1
Development of the Canyons of the South Nahanni River, N.W.T.1
Devils Advocate1
Devon Great Consols1
Dictionary of Karst & Caves1
Die Dachstein-Rieseneishohle1
Die DachsteinHohlen1
Die Eisriesenwelt im Tennengebirge1
Die Erdmanns-Hohle,Haseler Hohle1
Die Falkensteiner Hohle1
Die Grabenstetter Grobhohle1
Die Hermannshohle1
Die Hermannshohle bei RubeLand2
Die Hohle1
Die Hohlen Europas1
Die Hohlen Niederosterreichs3
Die Hohlen Salzburgs1
Die Hohlen des Bezirkes Lilienfeld1
Die Muhlbacquellhohle1
Die Vetterhohle1
Diff.e Data.del Fenomo Carsico Nella Penisola Sorrentina1
Digging Up The Past1
Dimensione Buio1
Dincolo de Lumina1
Discovering Caves1
Discovering Lost Mines1
Discussion Papers in Conservation1
Distinction entre Trois Types D'eboulis Cryoclast.dans les Cav.1
Diving at Work. Proposals for Regulations1
Diving in darkness1
Diving; Peak Cavern1
Dix ans sous terre1
Doing the Grand Canyon Blackheath1
Dolcoath, Queen of Cornish Mines1
Dolenjski Kras1
Doolin St.Catherines Cave1
Doolin-St.Catherines Cave1
Downey's Cave - S20231
Dragon cave diving expedition to mallorca 19961
Drainage Systems of Wales & Adjacent Regions1
Dunmore Cave,Co.Kilkenny1
Dusseldorfer Geographische Schriften Heft 21
E A Martel comptes rendus1
ECO Resin Rigging Guide1
Early man in Britain1
Earth Science Conservation in Great Britain1
East Surrey Underground2
East Wheal Rose2
Ebbor Gorge National Nature Reserve1
Echo Cave:A Quatern.Chron.from E.Transv.1
Effect of Knick Point Recession1
El Guacharo1
El Karst de Rasines, Cantabria1
Elementary Surveying1
Eli Simpson and the BSA1
Elizabethan Copper1
Emile G.Racovitza1
En Franche-Comte Souterraine2
En rampant1
Encyclopedia of Caves1
Encyclopedia of Caves and Karst Science1
Encyclopedia of Magic and Superstition1
Encyclopedia of caves and Karst science1
Engels Nederlands Woordenboek1
Escalade dans le Lot climbing in the Lot1
Escalades Souterraines1
Espeleo Noticias1
Essays in Cornish Mining History No 11
Essays in Cornish Mining History No 21
Essential Sources in Cave Science1
Estudia Geol.de la Caverna de Troskaeta1
Estudia Geolog.de la Cueva de Troskaeta1
Ethnographisch Archaologische Zeitschrift1
Euro Speleo1
Evershed News1
Evolution of the Bristol Channel-S.Wales1
Excavation en el Caney del Castillo1
Excavations at The Kesslerloch1
Excavations at The Njoro River Cave1
Excursiones Arqueologicas a Camaguey1
Expedition 67 to The Gouffre Berger1
Expedition Equipment Guide1
Expedition Food & Rations Planning Manual1
Expedition Gunung Lanno Malaysia1
Expedition Report1
Expedition in Deuschlands Schonste Hohle1
Expedition report9
Expedition report SWCC1
Exploracions, Atlas de las Grandes Cavidades Espanolas 19871
Exploration Caussenarde1
Explorations Journal ULSA1
Explorations in Counties Sligo & Leitrim1
Explorations souterraines dans la Region de Montpellier, 1944-451
Exploring America Underground1
Exploring American Caves2
Exploring Caves3
Exploring Cornish Mines1
Exploring Wales by Car, Vagabond Book1
Exploring the Limestone Landscapes of The Cumberland Ring1
Exploring the Limestone Landscapes of Upper Wharfedale1
Exploring the Limestone Landscapes of the Burren & Gort Lowlands1
Exploring the Limestone Landscapes of the Peak District1
Exploring the Limestone Landscapes of the Three Peaks and Malham1
Exploring the Limestone caves of Devon1
Explosions Their Anatomy and Destructiveness1
Explosives as an Aid to Cave Exploration1
Facatativa, Santuario de la Rana1
Fairy Cave Quarry1
Famous Caves and Catacombs1
Famous caverns and grottoes1
Farbung des Unterirdischen Abflusses1
Fatally Flawed the quest to be deepest1
Fauna Cavernicole del Savonese1
Faune Cavernicole de la Suisse1
Field Guide-Albuquerque to Carlsbad Caverns National Park1
Fifty Typical Swedish Caves2
First Aid Manual1
First Aid manual1
Focus on Bats,Their Conservation and the law1
Folia Quaternaria1
Folk tales from Abercrave1
Fonctions des Cavernes Cretoises1
Force Crag1
Foreign Travellers in the Slovene Karst 1486 - 19001
Foreign travellers in the Slovene Karst 1537 - 19001
Four hundred centuries of cave art1
Fourth Colloque International de Speleologie1
Fresh flowers for M'Lady1
Further Report on the Explorations at Dog Holes, Warton Crag, Lancashire, with Remarks on the Contents of Two adjacent Caves1
Future of Non Ferrous Mining in Great Britain and Ireland1
Gaping Ghyll and Clapham Cave1
Gaping Gill2
Gash Breccias of South Pembrokeshire, Fossil Karst?1
Gavarnie, les Grottes Glacees du Marbore1
General Information BQSF1
Genetic Relat.between Caves & Landforms in The Mammoth Cave Area1
Geografia de Cuba2
Geol.Society Special Report No 7, Dinantian Rocks1
Geological Conservation Review Quaternary of Wales1
Geological Excursions in Powys1
Geological Excursions in South Wales and The Forest of Dean1
Geological Handbook for The Wrens Nest Nat.Nature Res.1
Geologiset kohteet1
Geology Around Craig-y-Nos1
Geology Explained in The Forest of Dean and the Wye Valley1
Geology Explained in The Peak District1
Geology and Physiography of the Kingston District, Jamaica1
Geology in The Service of Man1
Geology of Caves1
Geology of the Yorkshire Dales National Park1
Geology, Natural History and Pre-Historic Antiquities1
Geomorphological Regions of Hungary2
Geomorphology & Caves1
Geomorphology of Barber Cave, Cooleman Plain, New South Wales1
Geomorphology of Punchbowl and Signature Caves, Wee Jasper, NSW1
Georgia Underground1
Geschichte der Hohlenforschung in Osterreich1
Ghar Dalam, the cave, the museum & the garden1
Ghar Parau2
Giant Caves of Borneo1
Glacial Geology of the Isle of Man1
Glamorgan County Magazine1
Glossaire des Sciences Minerales1
Glossary of Karst Terminology1
Gloucester Speleological Society GSS Newsletter1
Goldmining in Western Merioneth1
Gorges du Tarn1
Gorneiras e son aigavers1
Gouffre Berger2
Gouffre berger premier 10001
Gower Caves2
Grampian Speleological Group GSG1
Grandes Cuevas y Simas de Espana2
Grandes cuevas y simas del Medit. De Gibraltar a Catalunya No [With Audio visual CD]1
Grimes Graves, Weeting1
Grotte Casteret1
Grotte de Frace1
Grotte e Abissi di Lombardi2
Grotte e Storie Dell'Asia Centrale1
Grottes & Gouffres en relief1
Grottes & Karsts de France1
Grottes de France1
Grottes de Han1
Grottes de Roumanie1
Grottes et Algares du Portugal1
Grottes et Avens de la Montagne de la Sellette1
Grottes et Avens du Pays de Saint-Guilhem1
Grottes et Canyons1
Grottes et Gouffres1
Grottes et Gouffres en Charente Maritime1
Grottes et Scialets du Vercors1
Grottes et cavernes1
Ground Movement & Control at Collieries1
Ground Rush1
Groundwater Ecology1
Grutas e pelciones1
Guid Kaapland1
Guide Book to The Historical Section of Mammoth Cave1
Guide Speleo des Montes de Vaucluse1
Guide de L'Aven d'Orgnac1
Guide to Ajanta frescoes1
Guide to The Coalfields 19481
Guide to The Coalfields. 19681
Guide to The Coalfields.19651
Guide to The Kalik Bay & Muizenberg Mountains1
Guide to The World Famous Gough's Caves1
Guidelines for the leisure use of mines1
Guizhou EXPE 861
Gurnee Guide to American Caves1
Han sur Lesse et ses Grottes1
Handbook of Line Communications1
Hardrock Resources in The Craven District of Yorkshire1
Harveys: 200 Years of Trading1
Heaven below Earth1
Hereford Caving Club HCC1
Hidrogeologija in Vodno Gospodarstvo Krasa1
High Angle Rescue Techniques1
High Heaven1
Himalaya Underground,19761
Histoires au dessous1
Historic Cornish Mining Scenes Underground1
History of Cave Science1
History of Cave science3
History of Coal Mining in the Amman Valley1
History of the Primates1
Hohlen & Hohlenkunde1
Hohlen der Nordlichen Kalkalpen1
Hohlen in Deutschland1
Hohlen in Franken1
Hohlenfuhrer Schwabische Alb2
Hohlenkundeliche vereinsinformation Hallstatt Obertraun1
Homes of Primeval Man1
Hong Meigui Yunnan 20021
Hong Meigui Yunnan Resurgences 2004 & Yunnan 2004 Exped report1
Honister Slate, The History of a LakeLand Slate Mine1
Hors du temps1
How Underground Britain is Explored1
How to Photograph Cars1
Huanjiang 20091
Hydrogeochem. of Groundwaters in The Derbyshire Dome1
Hydrogeologie des Calcaires de Belg1que1
Hydrology and Water Quality in The Central Kentucky Karst1
Hydrology for Engineers1
Hydrology of Limestone Karst,US Geological Survey No B361
Hypothermia and Cold Stress1
I Fenomeni Carsici e la Speleologia de Lazio1
I Fenomeni Periglaciali in Italia1
IGU Symposium on Karst Morphogenesis1
IL Complesso Carsico di Piaggia Bella1
Ice caves in France and Switzerland1
Il Grottesco1
Il Paesaggio degli Alti Lessini1
Illustrated Guide to Wells & Glastonbury, Cheddar etc.1
Illustrating Morph. Analysis of Karst with Examp. from New Guinea1
Illustrirana Povijest Speleologije u Hrvatskoj1
Ilustrirana Povijest Speleologije u Hrvatskoj1
Images below1
Images of Industry1
Improvised Techniques in Mountain Rescue1
In Der Hohlen Dieser Erde1
Indiana Department of Geology and Natural Resources1
Indiana,Geology & Natural History1
Indicative atlas of Radon in England & Wales1
Industrial Archaeology of the Swansea Region1
Info FFS1
Ingleborough Cavern1
Ingleborough Cavern and Gaping Gill1
Ingleborough and District1
Insects of Britain and Northern Europe1
Int.Spel.Conf.Problems of Speleological Research2
International Caver1
International Conference Baradla 1502
International Journal of Speleology1
International Symposium of Karst Hydrology2
Into the Lost World1
Introduction to Geomorphology1
Introductory words Salt Mine Hallstatt1
Inventaire Speleologique des Alpes Maritimes2
Inventaire Speleologique du Doubs2
Inventaire des Cavites du Basin Versant du Bruyant1
Inventaire des Cavites du Massif de la Sainte Baume1
Inventaire Speleologique Du Doubs Tome 31
Inventaire Speleologique Du Doubs Tome 41
Inventaire Speleologique de la France, No 1 Jura2
Inventaire Speleologique de la France, No 2 Alpes Maritimes1
Inventaire Speleologique du Doubs1
Investigaciones Carsologicas en Cuba1
Investigations into the Microbial Populations of caves [PhD Thesis]1
Irelande et Cavernes Anglaises1
Irish Sources of Lime, Magnesia, LS, Dolomite & Brucite Marble1
Irish Speleology1
Iron in the Soul1
Its only a game1
Jamaica Underground2
Jamarska zveza Slovenije1
Jamarsko drustvo Dimnice1
James Lyon Widger1
James Lyon Widger and Torbryan Caves1
Jaskine Polskie1
Jaskinie Polski 11
Jaskinie Polski 21
Jaskinie Polski 31
Jenolan Caves1
Jeskyne a Propasti v Ceskoslovensku1
John Taylor, Mining Entrepreneur & Engineer1
Jordan, Walks, Treks, Caves, Climbs & Canyons1
Journal BNSSS1
Journal Black Rose Caving Club BRCC1
Journal Bradford Pothole Club BPC1
Journal Cambridge University Caving Club CUCC1
Journal Cerberus Spelaeological Society1
Journal Craven Pothole Club CPC1
Journal Cumbria Amenity Trust Mining Historical Society CATMHS1
Journal Cwmbran Caving Club CCC1
Journal Dorset Caving Group1
Journal Eldon Pothole Club EPC1
Journal Gritstone Club1
Journal ISCA Caving Club ICC1
Journal Kendal Caving Club KCC1
Journal Lancaster University Speleological Society LUSS1
Journal London University Caving Club1
Journal Manchester University Speleological Society MUSS1
Journal Mendip Caving Group MCG1
Journal Mendip Nature Research Committee MNRC1
Journal Moldywarps Speleological Group MSG1
Journal Morgannwg Caving Club MCC1
Journal Northern Pennine Club NPC1
Journal Pinnacle Club1
Journal Red Rose Cave and Pothole Club RRCPC1
Journal Severn Valley Caving Club SVCC1
Journal Sheffield University Speleological Society SUSS1
Journal Shepton Mallet Caving Club SMCC1
Journal Shropshire Caving and Mining Club SCMC1
Journal Southsea Spelaeological Society1
Journal Stafford Speleological Society 1
Journal Staffordshire Industrial Archaeology Society1
Journal Stoke on Trent Pothole Club1
Journal Sydney Speleological Society1
Journal Technical Speleological Group TSG1
Journal Teifi Valley Caving Group TVCC1
Journal University College Swansea Caving Club UCSCC1
Journal Wales Industrial Archaeology Society1
Journal Wessex Cave Club WCC1
Journal White Rose Pothole Club WRPC1
Journal York Caving Club & North York Moors Caving Club1
Journal Yorkshire Ramblers Club YRC1
Journal Yorkshire Subterranean Society YSS1
Journal of Cave & Karst Studies NSS1
Journal of the Czechoslovak Geographical Society1
Journees Felix Trombe1
Journey to The Centre of the Earth1
Journey to the Bottomless Pit1
Karst & Caves of Great Britain1
Karst Field Studies at Mammoth Cave,19891
Karst GroundWater Investigations,Greece1
Karst Hydrology and Water Resources1
Karst Landform Anal.as Evid.in Transvaal1
Karst Landforms1
Karst Processes & Relevant Landforms1
Karst Regions in Indonesia1
Karst Topography in Sarawak1
Karst Und Hohle 1982/831
Karst Und Hohle 1984/851
Karst Und Hohle 1986/871
Karst Und Hohlen in Niederosterreich1
Karst Und Hohlenkunde3
Karst del Sudeste de Gorbea1
Karst et Grottes1
Karst in China1
Karst of Ireland1
Karst und Hohle1
Karst und Hohlenkunde1
Karst,Imp.Karst Regions of the N.Hemisph1
Karszt es Barlang2
Katalog Dogadanja1
Katalog Kaniznich a Mapovych Publikaci1
Kent and East Sussex Underground1
Kents Cavern1
Kents Cavern - its Origin and History1
Kents Cavern its Origin and History1
King Arthurs Cave1
King Solomon's Caves, Nggela Island, Solomon Islands1
Kleiner Fuhrer zu Hohlen um Muggendorf1
Kleiner Hohlenfuhrer1
Kras I Speleogia1
Krasovy sbornik1
Krasy Slovenska1
Kungur Ice Cave1
L'Agendo 20041
L'Anticamera Dell Inferno1
L'Ariege et L'Andorre1
L'Autre Padirac1
L'Aven Armand1
L'Aventure Souterraine du Perigord1
L'Aventure Souterraine en Savoie1
L'Inconnu Souterrain1
L'aven armand1
L'escalade en Ardeche climbing in the Ardeche1
L'evolution souterraine1
La Bela Subtera Mondo1
La Causse de Blandes et Les Gorges de la Vis1
La Conservation des Cavernes Amenagees1
La Cueva de Bellamar1
La Dent de Croll et son reseau souterrain1
La France ignoree des ardennes aux Pyrenees1
La France ignoree sud est de la France1
La Grotte de Han1
La Grotte de Saint Marcel d'Ardeche [with DVD and loose survey]1
La Montagne1
La Montagne de la Seranne1
La Mystere de la Henne Morte1
La Sainte Baume Souterraine3
La Speleo1
La Speleologie3
La Speleologie scientifique1
La Spluga1
La cote d'azur russ1
La grotta di Belvedere di Carovigno1
La plume et les gouffres1
La saga de l'aven d'orgnac, Issirac1
Laichinger Hohlenfreund1
Laichinger Tiefenhohle1
Largest Cave System of the Czech Soc. Rep,in The Moravsky Kras1
Las Cuevas con Arte Paleolitico en Cantabria1
Lascaux a commentary1
Lascaux and Carnac1
Lascaux, Paintings and Engravings1
Lathkill Dale Nature Trail2
Le Gouffre Jean-Bernard -1602M1
Le Gouffre de Padirac1
Le Gouffre de la Pierre Saint Martin1
Le Grotte D'Italia1
Le Grotte del Piemonte1
Le Holloch et Son Karst1
Le Karst de Saint Barnabe1
Le Moyen Atlas Central Etude Geomorphologique1
Le Pharefouilleur1
Le Relief Calcaire1
Le Secret des Bois de Lascaux1
Le Systeme Chawresse-Veronika [loose survey]1
Le Tour de la Coume Ouarnede en 24 Cavites1
Le Trou qui Souffle1
Le Verneau Souterrain1
Lead Mining in Derbyshire in The Mid Nineteenth Century1
Lead Mining in The Mid Pennines1
Lead Mining in The Yorkshire Dales1
Lead Mining in Wales2
Lead Ores1
Lead Smelting and Refining1
Lead mining in the Peak district1
Lechuguilla Cave2
Legends of the Comstock Lode1
Lemurs of the Lost World1
Les Alpes Maritimes Souterraines1
Les Belles du Doubs, Topoguide Tome 1, 50 Cavities1
Les Cahiers de l'E.F.S1
Les Causses du Quercy1
Les Causses majeurs1
Les Cavernes d'Albion1
Les Cevennes1
Les Chauves Souris de France1
Les Cristallisations Excentriques de la Grotte de Moulis1
Les Eaux Souterraines1
Les Eyzies & the Vezere valley1
Les Eyzies et Les Environs1
Les Formations Pedologiques de la Grotte des Perles1
Les Fossiles Vivants des Cavernes2
Les Foyers Magdalenians de la Grotte du Portel1
Les Grandes Cavites Heraultaises 20041
Les Grottes des Cevennes et du Languedoc1
Les Grottes des Echelles1
Les Merveilles Souterraines de la France1
Les Merveilles Souterraines de la France1
Les Phenomenes Karstiques dans la Region de Cork1
Les Plaines de Craie1
Les Reliefs Karstiques du Perigord1
Les abimes1
Les grottes des Pyrenees1
Les karsts du nord ouest de l'Europe1
Les scaphandriers du desert1
Levant, A Champion Cornish Mine1
Lewis Morris and The Cardiganshire Miners1
Life and Work of the Northern Lead Miner1
Life and death underground1
Life in A Cave1
Light Rock and a little Magic1
Light on Lascaux1
Limestone Landforms. Pt.11
Limestone Landforms. Pt.21
Limestone PavementS with Special Reference to Western Ireland1
Limestone in British Borneo1
Limestones & Caves of North West England2
Limestones and Caves of Wales1
Limestones and Caves of the Mendip Hills2
Limestones and Caves of the Peak District2
Limestones and caves of Wales1
Limestones of Ireland1
Listening in The Dark1
Living Underground1
Living in Caves1
Lo Bramavenc1
Logbook SWCC1
London Underground1
Lor des Gouffres1
Lower Carboniferous Rocks of the Forest of Dean1
Lower Div. Carb. Rocks of Forest of Dean1
Lumea Liliecilor The world of Bats1
Lumieres des Tenebres1
MNRC Caving Bulletin1
Macocha A Moravsky Kras2
Magarabilimi ve Magaracilik1
Magie des Gouffres1
Mallorca Caves1
Man Before History1
Man and the Mendips1
Manual of Caving Techniques1
Manual of U.S.Cave Rescue Techniques1
Manuale Tecnico di Soccorso Alpino1
Manualetto d'Istruzioni Scientifiche per Alpinisti1
Manuel Technique de L Ecole Francaise de Speleologie1
Map of Southern Britain in The Ice Age1
Matienzo 19751
Matienzo 50 years of Speleology [DVD & Map]1
Matienzo North Spain1
Medicine for Mountaineering2
Memoires et Documents1
Memoires of a Speleologist1
Memoirs of the Geological Survey Vol XX1
Men & Mining on The Quantocks1
Men of Pierre St Martin1
Mendip Cave Bibliography & Survey Catalogue1
Mendip Karst Hydrology Research Project1
Mendip Nature Research Committee MNRC1
Mendip The Complete Cave and A View of the Hills1
Mendip Underground5
Mendip cheddar its gorge and caves1
Mendip its Swallet Caves & Rockshelters1
Meramec Caverns1
Mes cavernes1
Mesetas de Jaua, Guanacoco y Sarisarinama1
Metal Mines of North Wales1
Metal Mines of Southern Wales4
Mexico The Black Holes Expedition1
Michell - A Family of Cornish Engineers1
Microbe.Colon.& Attack on Some Carb.MIOSP1
Millclose: The Mine that Drowned1
Mine Caves1
Mine Lighting1
Mine Pumping Engines in 18th Century Cornwall1
Minera Lead Mines And Quarries1
Mineral Survey of Coal Mines in South West Durham1
Mineralogia Cornubiensis1
Minerals in Industry1
Miners Day1
Mines & Miners of Cornwall No 1 Around St.Ives1
Mines & Miners of Cornwall No 10 Camborne-Illogan1
Mines & Miners of Cornwall No 11 Marazion, St.Hilary & Breage1
Mines & Miners of Cornwall No 12 Around Liskeard1
Mines & Miners of Cornwall No 13 The Lizard-Falmouth-Mevagissey1
Mines & Miners of Cornwall No 14 St.Austell to Saltash1
Mines & Miners of Cornwall No 2 St.Agnes-Perranporth1
Mines & Miners of Cornwall No 3 Around Redruth1
Mines & Miners of Cornwall No 4 Penzance-Mounts Bay1
Mines & Miners of Cornwall No 5 Hayle, Gwinear & Gwithian1
Mines & Miners of Cornwall No 6 Around Gwennap1
Mines & Miners of Cornwall No 7 Perranporth-Newquay1
Mines & Miners of Cornwall No 8 Truro to the Clay District1
Mines & Miners of Cornwall No 9 Padstow, St.Columb & Bodmin1
Mines & Miners of Cornwall,No XV,Calstock,Callington,Launceston1
Mines and Minerals of the Mendip Hills Vol 11
Mines and Minerals of the Mendip Hills Vol 21
Mines and T'Miners1
Mines in Scotland1
Mines of Wales1
Mines of the Gwydyr Forest7
Mines, Mills and Furnaces1
Mines,Mills and Furnaces1
Mining Fields of the West1
Mining History1
Mining Legislation for Mining Engineers1
Mining Sites in Cornwall Vol 21
Mining Without Miners1
Mining and Regional Development1
Mining for Metals in Wales2
Mining in Cornwall Today5
Mining in Cornwall Vol 11
Mining in Cornwall Vol 21
Mining in Cornwall. Vol21
Mining in Shropshire1
Mining in The Lake Counties1
Mining in the Medieval Landscape1
Minutes of the Proceedings of the Institute of Civil Engineers1
Mirabal No.3 1983 - 19871
Mitteilungen Uber Hohlen und Karstforschung1
Modern Exploration1
Modern Practice in Mining Vol 1 Coal1
Modern Practice in Mining Vol 2 The Sinking of Shafts1
Moderne Methoden der Kohlwertung1
Moelferna Quarry & the Deeside Tramway1
Mondo Ipogeo1
Mondo Sotteraneo1
Mongst Mines and Miners2
Monog.of Stalact/mites of the Cleaves Cave, Near Dalry Ayrshire1
Monografia Geografica No 61
Monts et Grottes de Saint Guilhem1
Moors crags and caves of the high Peak1
Moravsky Kras1
More years under the earth1
Morphogenetics of Karst Regions1
Moses Kellow Autobiography1
Mountain Leadership1
Mountain Rescue2
Mountain Rescue First Aid1
Mountain Rescue and Cave Rescue1
Mountain and Cave Rescue1
Mountaineering First Aid1
Mt Etna and the Caves1
My Caves1
Mynydd Du and Fforest Fawr1
NSS Bulletin1
NSS Cave Diving Manual1
NSS News1
Nase Jama1
National Grid Reference Index to Caves of Derbyshire1
National Park Plan 2nd Review1
National Parks in Focus1
Nature Conservancy Council Report No,11
Nature Conservancy Council Report No,101
Nature Conservancy Council Report No,111
Nature Conservancy Council Report No,121
Nature Conservancy Council Report No,131
Nature Conservancy Council Report No,141
Nature Conservancy Council Report No,151
Nature Conservancy Council Report No,161
Nature Conservancy Council Report No,21
Nature Conservancy Council Report No,31
Nature Conservancy Council Report No,41
Nature Conservancy Council Report No,61
Nature Conservancy Council Report No,71
Nature Conservancy Council Report No,81
Nature Conservancy Council Report No,91
Nature in Wales1
Neanderthals in Wales1
Nederlands Engels Woordenboek1
Network News1
New Deal for Coal1
New England's Buried Treasure1
New Zealand Speleological Bulletin1
New Zealands Magic Waters2
News No 121
News of the Weald wealden1
News sheet2
Newsheet SWCC1
Newsletter & Journal Plymouth Caving Group PCG1
Newsletter CSS1
Newsletter SWCC1
Newsletter/Journal Derbyshire and Northern Speleological Group1
Norbert Casteret Explorateur D'Abimes1
Norsk Grotteblad1
North West Speleology1
Northern Caves 21
Northern Caves Vol 1,Wharfedale & Nidderdale1
Northern Caves Vol 1,Wharfedale and Nidderdale3
Northern Caves Vol 2,Penyghent & Malham2
Northern Caves Vol 31
Northern Caves Vol 3,Ingleborough1
Northern Caves Vol 4,Whernside and Gragareth2
Northern Caves Vol 4A Scales Moor & Kingsdale1
Northern Caves Vol 4B Leck & Casterton Fells1
Northern Caves Vol 5,Northern Dales2
Northern Caves the Three Counties System and the North West2
Northern Caving3
Northern Caving, CNCC Handbook1
Northern Sump Index1
Northern Sump Index 20151
Note on The Extent of Glaciation in Part of West Kerry1
Notes on The Forest of Mendip1
Notiziario Speleologico Ligure1
Nouva Speleologia1
Nouveaux traite des Eaux souterraines2
Now and Then Vol 21
Now and Then Vol 31
Now and Then, Upper Dulais and Swansea valleys. Vol 11
Now and then Vol 41
Now and then vol 51
Numbered Publication1
Nyame Akuma1
O Carste1
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - Provisional Waterways Survey - S10061
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S10011
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S10021
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S1003 - Longitudinal Section of Most of the Principal Passages1
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S10041
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S10051
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S10071
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S10081
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S10091
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S10101
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S1011 - A Topographical Survey1
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S10121
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S10131
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S10141
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S10151
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S10161
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S10171
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S10181
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S10191
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S10201
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S10211
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S10221
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S10231
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S10241
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S10251
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S10261
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S10271
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S10281
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S10291
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S10301
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S10312
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S10321
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S10331
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S10341
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S10351
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S10361
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S10371
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S10381
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S10391
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S10401
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S10411
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S10421
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S10431
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S10441
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S10451
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S10461
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S10471
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S10481
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S10491
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S10501
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S10511
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S10521
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S10531
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S10541
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S10551
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S10561
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S10571
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S1058 - Waterways, OFD1
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S1059 - Waterways1
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S1060 entrance1
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S1061 - Cwm Dwr 21
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S1062 entrance1
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S1063 - Cwm Dwr1
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S1064- Cwm Dwr1
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S1065- Cwm Dwr1
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S1066 - Stream - Cwm Dwr1
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S1067 - Cwm Dwr1
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S1068 1
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S10691
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S10701
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S10711
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S1072 - Plan1
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S1073 - Plan1
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S1074 Cwm Dwr Quarry Cave1
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S1075 Cwm Dwr Quarry Cave1
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S1076 Cwm Dwr Quarry Cave1
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S1077 Cwm Dwr Quarry Cave1
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S1078 Northern Lights1
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S1079 Northern Lights1
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S1080 - Craig-Y-Nos1
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S1081 - Plan1
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S10821
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S1084 - Entrance to Column Chamber1
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S1085 - Craig-Y-Nos1
OFD Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - S1086 - Craig-Y-Nos1
Observations sur les Circulations Soutr.Karst.du Languedoc Orient1
Occasional Papers3
Occasional Papers Shepton Mallett Caving Club SMCC1
Occasional Publication20
Occasional Publication CSS1
Occasional Publication SWCC1
Occasional Publications1
Of Caves and Caving1
Ogof Pant Canol - S20221
Ogof yr Esgyrn1
Ogof yr esgyrn excavations1
Old Cornwall1
Omar's Cave Adventure1
On Call a complete reference for cave Rescue1
On Caves and Cameras1
On Rope1
On Station1
On The Faunal Zones of the Rush Skerries Carb.Section,Co.Dublin1
On The Karst Phenomena in North Vietnam1
On the Track of Prehistoric Man1
On the contents of a rock retreat in south eastern Pennsylvania1
One Thousand Metres Down1
Opencast Mining/Quarrying & Alluvial Mining1
Openpit Mining1
Opera Ipogea1
Opere Alese1
Orpheus Caving Club Newsletter OCC1
Orso Speleo Biellese1
Our Caves SWCC1
Padirac ou L'Adventure Souterraine1
Pal volgyi barlang1
Palaces Under The Earth1
Palaeolithic Cave Art1
Palaeolithic art1
Palaeontological & Lith.Divs.of The Lower Tert.LS. of Jamaica1
Paleohydrography of Caves Moravsky Karst1
Pant Mawr Pot - S20011
Pant Mawr Pot - S20031
Pant Mawr Pot - S20041
Papers 3rd International Symposium on Underground Water Tracing1
Parcul National Retezat1
Paviland Cave and the Red Lady1
Pays et Paysages du Calcaire1
Peak District Rigging Guide 11th Edition1
Peak Park News1
Peak Rigging Guide1
Peak rigging Guide1
Pech-Merle de Cabrerets1
Peintures des Grottes d'Ajanta1
Pennine Underground2
Penwyllt Village, Growth, Development and Decline [Dissertation]1
Pestera Ciclovina Uscata Ciclovina Dry cave1
Pestera Meziadului1
Pestera Muierilor1
Pestera Ponoraci Ciclovina cu Api1
Pestera Sura Mare - Sura Mare cave1
Pestera Topolnita1
Pesteri Vintului1
Pesteri din Romania3
Petrology of Igneous Rocks1
Petrology of Sedimentary Rocks1
Photographs of Folk Life1
Phys.Geog.Der Sudchinesischen Karstgegnd1
Pigs and Ingots1
Pioneer Under the Mendips1
Plan der Dachstein-Mammuthohle1
Plan of Tunnel Cave - S20261
Planning a Small Expedition1
Plongees sous la Terre1
Podzemne Everesty1
Polish Caving1
Poll Cragreagh, Co.Clare,Eire1
Polycyclic Swallow Holes in The Manifold Valley, Staffordshire2
Popular Archaeology1
Porth yr Ogof,Breconshire1
Portrait of the Brecon Beacons1
Postojna Caves1
Postojnska jama1
Potholing Beneath The Northern Pennines1
Poulnagollum-Poulelva Caves1
Povijest prosirivanja uskih prolaza u spiljama i jamama1
Powys Metal Mines Survey 19931
Powys Structure Plan1
Practical Geology for Schools1
Prehistoire Speleologie Ariegeoise,19461
Prehistoire Speleologie Ariegeoise,19471
Prehistoric Art1
Prehistoric Art of the Western Mediterranean and the Sahara1
Prehistoric Cave Painting1
Prehistoric Gower1
Prehistoric art1
Prehistoric man1
Premiere Reunion Internationale sur le Sauvetage en Grottes1
Premiers pas sous terre en Vercors et Chartreuse1
Principal Mines in Cornwall2
Principles of Hydrology1
Prize Essays1
Problems of Environmental Protection of Karst Area1
Proc. of the 14th International Congress of Speleology, Athens2
Proc. of the 2011 NAMHO Conf. 50 years of Mine Exploration1
Proceedings UBSS1
Proceedings Vol LXXII1
Proceedings of the 12th Eurospeleo Forum, Ebensee, Austria1
Proceedings of the 7th International Speleological Congress1
Promotional Publication1
Publication ?2
Pwllheli and North Wales1
Pyrenees Occidentales Francaise et Region Cantabrique Espagnole1
Pyrenees Souterraines1
Quaderni di Speleo Soccorso1
Quarries and the Landscape1
Quarrying in Somerset1
Quarrying in Somerset Supp.No 12
Quarrying in Somerset, DRAFT POLICY1
Quaternary of the Brecon Beacons field Guide1
Quelques classiques Speleologiques en Chartreuse [Extracts from Chartreuse Souterraine pub 1985]1
Quest for Caves in High Nepal1
R.R.Grotte Demaniali di Postumia,Trieste1
RRCPC Newsletter1
RRCPC Red Rose Cave and Pothole Club Bulletin1
Race Against Time1
Radiant Darkness The Wonderful World of Caves2
Radio aerial handbook1
Rassegna Speleologica Italiana2
Rates of Erosion and Weathering in The British Isles1
Ratgoed, a study in slate1
Razvoj rasvjete za Speleoloske Potrebe1
Recherches Morphologiques en Basse-Provence Calcaire2
Reconnaissance of Ground-Water Resources in the Mississippian Plateau Region Kentucky2
Record Craven Pothole Club CPC1
Records CSS1
Recovering the Past1
Recueil de Travaux1
Reference Book on Practical Coal Mining1
Reliquiae Diluvianae1
Reliquiae diluvianae1
Report of the Commission on Mining and The Environment1
Report of the Commission on Mining and the Environment1
Report of the Nature Conservancy 19591
Report of the Nature Conservancy 19601
Report of the Nature Conservancy 19611
Report of the Royal Commission on The Coal Industry 19251
Report of the Royal Commission on The Coal Industry Vol 11
Report on a Human Skull found near Kents Cavern1
Research Report1
Reseau Dent de Crolles Folder 11
Reseau Dent de Crolles Folder 21
Reseau Felix Trombe - Henne Morte1
Reservoir Hole, the story of a Cheddar Cave1
Resins & Polymer Systems1
Retezat National Park1
Revue Geographiqe de L'Est1
Revue Roumaine de Geol.Geophys. et Geog.1
Revue Roumaine de Geol.Geophys. et Geog. 25th Anniv.Edition1
Revue d'Alpinisme1
Rhodesian Archaeological Expedition,19291
Rhondda Through Time1
Rhoysdd Slate Quarry1
Ricerche Sugli Aspetti, Lombardia1
Ricerche di Meteorologia Ipogea nel Gruppo de.Grigne1
Ricerche di Meteorologia Ipogea nelle Grotte di Postumia1
Rich Mountains of Lead1
Richesses Souterraines1
Riddle of the Welsh Caves1
Right in It1
River Scenery at the Head of the Vale of Neath1
River of Tears1
Rivieres de la Nuit1
Rivieres sous la Pierre1
Rock Climbing in Wales1
Rock Pictures of Europe1
Rock Trails of South Wales1
Rock cut temples Around Bombay1
Rocks and Minerals1
Rope Rescue Manual1
Rutley's Mineralogy1
SLB User's Manual1
SRT Rigging Guide1
Salt Water Encroachment, Kephallina1
Saltpetre Mining in Mammoth Cave, Kentucky1
Salzburger Hohlenbuch2
Salzburger Hohlenbuch Planbeilagen1
Salzburger Hohlenbuch, Band 11
Salzburger Hohlenbuch, Band 21
Salzburger Hohlenbuch, Band 31
Sandstone Caves of Nottingham1
Sardegna Il mondo sotteraneo1
Sardegna non Solo Mare1
Saudi Arabia's Desert Caves1
Schwarz Reiter1
Second report on the Little Neath River Cave1
Secret Passages and Hiding Places1
Secret Underground Bristol1
Secrets of the Cave1
Secrets of the Moors and Dales1
Secrets of the Welsh Caves1
Secrets of the ice age1
Sections of Strata of the Yorkshire Coalfield1
Sedeck No 10 Sept 20141
Sediments in Caves1
Selminum Tem1
Serie Espeleologica Y Carsologica1
Serie Pinar Del Rio1
Seven Caves2
Shotfiring in Coal Mines1
Show caves in Austria2
Show caves of the czech republic1
Sinc Y Giedd - S20121
Single Rope Techniques1
Sink Holes on The Lincolnshire LS between Grantham & Stamford1
Sixty Years of Caves and Caving1
Slate Quarrying at Corris1
Slate Quarrying in Wales1
Slate mining in Wales1
Slovakia show caves1
Slovene Karst and Caves in the Past1
Slovenia Cave Guide, caves of the classical Karst1
Slovensky Kras2
Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge2
Soilsurvey of Tauorga, Tripolitania, Libya1
Solution Subsidence Outliers of Millstone Grit on the Carboniferous Limestone of the North Crop of the South Wales Coalfield1
Solution Subsidence in S.E.Carmarthenshire & S.W.Breconshire1
Some Caves & Crags of Peakland1
Some Caves and Crags of Peakland1
Some Geomorphological Problems of the Nullarbor Plain1
Some Notes on A Cave Near Radford1
Some Observations on Bypassed Swallow Holes1
Some Problems of a Karst Area in The Eastern Transvaal, South Africa1
Some Remarks on Swedish Speleology1
Some Technical Aids for Cave Exploration1
Some aspects of the drainage evolution of the Moss Valley - north-east Derbyshire1
Somerset Sump Index 4th edition1
Sotanos de Mexico1
Sous Terre2
South Crofty Underground1
Special Publication1
Special Reports on the Mineral Resources of Great Britain Vol2
Speleo Abstracts1
Speleo Cai1
Speleo Causse Mejean1
Speleo Digest1
Speleo Magazine1
Speleo Scientia1
Speleo Secours Bulletin1
Speleo Soccorso1
Speleo Sportive A la Pierre St Martin1
Speleo Sportive Au Marguareis1
Speleo Sportive dans Les Alpes de Haut Savoie1
Speleo Sportive dans Les Garrigues1
Speleo Sportive dans Les Grandes Causses1
Speleo Sportive dans Les Monts du Vaucluse1
Speleo Sportive dans le Vercors1
Speleo Sportive en Ardeche1
Speleo dans le Vercors4
SpeleoGuide Ariege Pyrenees1
Speleogenesis, Evolution of Karst Aquifers1
Speleologica Belgica1
Speleological Abstracts2
Speleological Guide to Krka National Park1
Speleological Survey in South Korea 19661
Speleologicky Vestnik2
Speleologie du Canton de Vaud1
Speleologie du Departement de L'Ardeche2
Speleologie en Franche-Comte1
Speleologie et Hydrogeologie des Massifs Calcaires des Pyrenees-Orientales1
Speleologiska Studier1
Speleology The Study of Caves3
Speleology, Caves and the Cave Environment1
Speleos Sciences1
Speleosportive 2 dans le Jura franc comtois1
Spelunking to Adventure1
Sporting Caves Potholes and Mines of Derbyshire1
St Cuthberts Swallet1
Standards of Accuracy & Limits of Error for Plans/Surv. in Mines1
Stannary Tales2
Stockage de Calcium, Crustaces Amphipodes1
Stora Kopparbergs, An Historical Survey1
Stora Kopparbergs, Facts & Figures1
Store Norske Spitsbergen Kulkompani1
Strangest underground places in Britain and the best Worldwide1
Studia Geographica 51
Studia Geographica No 5, Karst Denudation1
Studia Geographica No.62, Karst & Environment1
Studia Spelaeologica1
Studies in Speleology1
Subterranea Croatica Croatia1
Subterranean Climbers2
Subterranean Ecosystems1
Successful Hydraulics No 62
Sum.of Res.& Descrip.of Caves & Karst of Greenbrier Vall., W.Virg.1
Sumatra 871
Sump Index1
Sur les Palmes d'Henri Lombard1
Surveying Caves1
Sutherland Caves2
Swallow Holes on the Millstone Grit and Carboniferous Limestone of the South Wales Coalfield1
Sweden Illustrated1
Swildon's Two and Three1
Swildons Hole1
T'ill an t'oade uns upun Greenho1
Tareni Colliery1
Technical Aids in Caving Symposium1
Ten Years Under The Earth2
Ten Years Under the Earth1
Ten years under the earth2
Terra Mystica1
Terre Sauvage1
Texas Cave Survey1
Texas Caves1
The Brecon Forest Tramroads1
The 1965/66 Karst Hydrology Expedition to Jamaica1
The 2nd International Cave Diving Rescue Conference1
The Abandoned Mines of West Carbery1
The Abbe Breuil: Prehistorian1
The Ajanta Caves1
The Alderley Edge Mines1
The Ancient Cavemen of Devonshire1
The Ancient Caves of Szechwan Province, China1
The Andros Project1
The Antiquity of Man1
The Archaeology of Underground Mines & Quarries in England1
The Avonian Succession in The Southern Part of the Isle of Man1
The Bat Workers Manual2
The Beds above the Carboniferous Limestone in NW Co.Clare, Eire1
The Bexar Facts1
The Black Mountain Lime Industry1
The Brecon Forest Tramroads2
The Brecon Spinal Immobilisation Splint1
The Breconshire Naturalist No 271
The Breconshire Naturalist No 281
The Breconshire Naturalist No 291
The British Caver1
The British Coal Trade1
The Broken Hill Mine Zambia2
The Cambro-Ordovician LS & Dolomites of Skye and Kishorn Area1
The Carboniferous LS in Co.Dublin South of the River Liffey1
The Carboniferous Limestone Series of the Avon Gorge1
The Carboniferous Rocks at Rush1
The Castleton Mines1
The Cave Divers1
The Cave Home of Peking Man1
The Cave of Lascaux1
The Cave of Postojna and Other Marvels1
The Cave of Rouffignac1
The Caver1
The Caverns of Derbyshire1
The Caverns of Upper Ease Gill1
The Caves Beyond2
The Caves and Mines of Anglesey3
The Caves of Carmarthen2
The Caves of Clydach1
The Caves of County Cork1
The Caves of Fermanagh and Cavan2
The Caves of Gower3
The Caves of Ireland1
The Caves of Jenolan 2: The Northern Limestone1
The Caves of Maryland1
The Caves of Meghalaya1
The Caves of Mendip1
The Caves of Night1
The Caves of North Wales1
The Caves of North West Clare,Ireland1
The Caves of Northumberland1
The Caves of Scotland, Except Assynt2
The Caves of West Wales1
The Caves of a Thousand Buddhas1
The Caves of the Central Northern Outcrop1
The Caves of the Forest of Dean1
The Caves of the Little Neath Valley1
The Caves of the South Eastern Outcrop1
The Caves of the South Gower Coast2
The Caves of the South Gower Coast an Archaeological assessment1
The Caves on the West bank of the Afon Tawe1
The Central Highlands1
The Central Lakes of Westralia and Westralian Peneplain1
The Characteristics & Development of Limestone Regions in The British Isles1
The Characteristics & Development of the LS Regions in British Isles1
The Clastic Sediments of Wellington Cave1
The Cliffs and Caves of Cheddar1
The Clydach Gorge1
The Coal Measures Sequence in The Taff Valley, Glamorgan1
The Coalbrookdale Coalfield, Catalogue of Mines1
The Colliery Managers Handbook1
The Complete Book of Cave Exploration1
The Complete Book of Dowsing and Divining1
The Complete Caves of Mendip2
The Conservation of Caves in Britain1
The Conservation of Limestone Pavement1
The Copper & Lead Mines of Ecton Hill1
The Copper and Lead mines of Ecton Hill1
The Cornish Beam Engine1
The Cornish Miner1
The Cornish Miner in America1
The Cruel Inheritance1
The Darkness Beckons3
The Darkness Beckons Supplement1
The Deepest Hole in The World1
The Derbyshire Miners1
The Descent of Pierre St Martin1
The Dig1
The Double Decker Himalayan Caving Adventure1
The Drainage Systems of Wales and the Adjacent Regions1
The Draining of the Alport Lead Mines1
The Drumlin Topography of South Donegal1
The Dudley Limestone mines1
The Ease Gill System1
The Ecology of Malaysian Caves1
The English Dictionary1
The Evolution of the Bristol Channel1
The Excavation of Tell Abu Hureyra, Syria1
The Falls and Caves of Ingleton1
The Faunal Succession in The Carboniferous LS Near Cork1
The Fergus river cave, Co. Clare1
The Geological History of Brecknock1
The Geological Map, an anatomy of the Landscape1
The Geology of Carlsbad Caverns1
The Geology of the South Wales Coalfield, Part 21
The Geology of the South Wales Coalfield, Part 61
The Geomorphological Development of Ogof Ffynnon du1
The Geomorphology of Brecknock1
The Geomorphology of the Dan yr Ogof Caves1
The Georgia Spelunker1
The Glacial Retreat from Central and Southern Ireland1
The Glamorgan Heritage Coast, a Guide to its Geology1
The Gold Mines of Merioneth1
The Grampian Speleological Group GSG1
The Great Caving Adventure2
The Great County Adit1
The Great Forest of Brecknock1
The Great Laxey Mine1
The Grotto of Lascaux1
The Growth of Fungi in Caves in Great Britain1
The Hal-Saflieni Hypogeum1
The Hardrock Men1
The Harveys of Hayle1
The Hepste River Caves1
The Hidden Side of Swaledale1
The History of Kents Cavern1
The History of Mendip Caving1
The Holer1
The Hollow Mountain 3. 2013 - 20171
The Hollow Mountains1
The Ice Age in Britain1
The Ice Age in The Dublin District1
The Industrial Archaeology of Wales1
The Iron Cradle: Ystragynlais and the Upper Swansea Valley1
The Iron Mines of Dannemora and Dannemora Iron1
The Iron Mines of the Forest of Dean1
The Iron Moor1
The Island of Skye1
The Journal of Glaciology Vol 1 No 41
The Journal of the Institute of Metals No 11
The Journal of the Institute of Metals No 21
The Karst Caves of Georgia1
The Karst Groundwaters of Syria1
The Karst Hydrogeochemistry of the Carb.LS.of North Derbyshire1
The Karst of Ireland, Limestone Landscapes & Gwater Drainage Sys1
The Karstlands of Jamaica1
The Krapina Hominids1
The Lake District at Work1
The Land of the Causses1
The Landforms of North West Co.Clare, Ireland1
The Last Adventure1
The Last Deep Mine of Dean1
The Law Relating to Safety & Health Vol21
The Law Relating to Safety & Health Vol31
The Lead Legacy1
The Lead Mines of the Northern Pennines1
The Lead Smelting Mills of the Yorkshire Dales & North.Pennines1
The Life of the Cave1
The Limestone Ranges of Fitzroy Basin1
The Limestone Resources of the Union1
The Limestone and Caves of Devon1
The Limestones of Scotland1
The Little Neath River Cave South Wales1
The Little Neath River Cave, South Wales1
The Lives of Bats1
The Llangattwg System - Agen Allwedd - Daren Cilau - S20271
The Llywernog Silver Lead Mine1
The Llywernog Silver-Lead Mine1
The London Caver1
The Longest Cave1
The Lost Pothole1
The Lost River of Gaping Gill1
The Lower Carboniferous Succession in the Settle District1
The Lower South East of South Australia, A Karst Province1
The Lyre1
The Making of Cheddar Gorge1
The Men of the Barma Grande1
The Mendip Cave Registry1
The Mendip Caver1
The Mendip caves2
The Mendips1
The Metalliferous Mines of Wales3
The Metalliferous Mining Region of South West England Vol 11
The Metalliferous Mining Region of South West England Vol 21
The Metalliferous Mining Region of South West England, Vol 11
The Metalliferous Mining Region of South West England, Vol 21
The Milwr Tunnel1
The Mine Under The Sea2
The Mineral Kingdom1
The Mineral Wealth of Wales & its Exploitation1
The Mineral Wealth of Wales and its Exploitation3
The Mines & Mineral Railways of East Cornwall and West Devon1
The Mines of Cornwall,No 1 The Lands End Peninsula1
The Mines of Cornwall,No 2 The Camborne Area1
The Mines of Cornwall,No 3 The Mounts Bay Area1
The Mines of Cornwall,No 4 The Redruth Area1
The Mines of Cornwall,No 5 Mid Cornwall1
The Mines of Cornwall,No 6 East Cornwall1
The Mines of Ireland1
The Mines of Mendip2
The Mines of Newent and Ross1
The Mines of South Western Scotland1
The Mines of Tharsis1
The Mines of Wales2
The Mines of the Forest of Dean1
The Mines of the Forest of Dean and Surrounding Areas1
The Mining Industry of Southern Rhodesia1
The Mitchelstown Caves, Co.Tipperary1
The Modern Dowser1
The Morph.of Tropical Humid Karst Ref.to Caribbean & C.America1
The Mountains at The Bottom of the World1
The Mountains of Greece1
The Mysterious World of Caves1
The National Cave Rescue Commission1
The Natural Bridge & its Historical Surroundings1
The Natural History of the Burren1
The Netherworld of Mendip1
The New Welsh Dictionary1
The New Zealand Cave Atlas1
The New Zealand Cave Atlas North Island1
The Next Horizon1
The Nottinghamshire Coalfield 1881/19811
The Old Copper Mines of Snowdonia1
The Old Gunpowder factory at Glynneath1
The Old Metal Mines of Mid Wales Part 12
The Old Metal Mines of Mid Wales Part 22
The Old Metal Mines of Mid Wales Part 32
The Old Metal Mines of Mid Wales Part 42
The Old Metal Mines of Mid Wales Part 52
The Old Mineral Line1
The Ordnance Survey Outdoor Handbook1
The Ordovician Limestones of the Kingston Area.1
The Origin of the Limestone Hills of Malaya1
The Painted Caves1
The Pattern of Past History, in The National Park1
The Peak Cavern System1
The Pentewan Railway1
The People of the Cave1
The Phantom of the Hastings Caves1
The Pleistocene Vertebrate Fauna from Cumberland Cavern Maryland1
The Plymouth Limestone; and the Devonian tetracorals1
The Polje, The Problem of Definition1
The Pollnagollum Cave, Co.Clare1
The Postojna Grottoes1
The Prehistoric Native American Art Of Mud Glyph Cave1
The Project Archaeolim1
The Prospector1
The Quarries,IronStone,Limestone & Sand1
The Record1
The Red Hills1
The Redruth and Chasewater Railway1
The Remouchamps Caves1
The River Styx-Salt Spring Cave System1
The Robbers' Cave1
The Rock Pictures of Europe1
The Science of Speleology1
The Scientific Revolution in Archaeology1
The Search for Silver1
The Secret of Rumbling Churn1
The Severn Tunnel1
The Skocjan Caves Regional Park1
The Solution of Limestone in an Arctic Environment1
The Solutional Erosion of Limestone in an Arctic Region1
The Sorby Record1
The Speleological Yearbook & Diary 19642
The Speleological Yearbook & Diary 19651
The Speleologist2
The Spur Book of Knots1
The St Just Mining District1
The Stannaries1
The Story of Cheddar1
The Story of Kents Cavern2
The Story of Wookey Hole2
The Subterranean Kingdom1
The Subterranean Wonders of Hawaii1
The Subterranean Wonders of Sardinia1
The Surprising Asians1
The Testimony of the Spade1
The Transvaal Ape-Man Bearing Cave Deposits1
The Tunnels of Cu Chi1
The Underground Atlas2
The Underground River1
The Underground Waters of North-West Yorkshire Part I The Sources of the Aire1
The Underground Waters of North-West Yorkshire Part II Ingleborough1
The Underground adventures of a rock chick1
The Undersea Adventure1
The Undersea Challenge1
The Untamed River Expedition1
The Use of Computers in Cave Surveying1
The Use of Explosives for Demolitions1
The Valley of Stracena and The Dobschau Ice Cavern1
The Wainfelin and Tranch Iron Mine1
The Wanlockhead Bolts1
The Way Out1
The West Somerset Mineral Railway & the Brendon Hills Iron Mines1
The Western Brecon Beacons1
The Wilderness Underground1
The Wonders of Dan yr Ogof1
The World of Bats1
The World of Caves2
The Year's Photography 1939-19401
The Yorkshire Dales1
The Yorkshire Wolds1
The Younger Limestones of New Zealand1
The Yunkang Caves1
The art of the cave dweller1
The ascent of Everest1
The cave artists1
The cave diving group manual1
The cave explorers1
The cave hunters1
The cave of postojna and other curiosities of the Karst1
The caves West of the Tawe Valley1
The caves of Cornwall1
The caves of Fermanagh and Cavan1
The caves of Geevagh1
The caves of Karst1
The caves of Mendip1
The caves of West Wales1
The caves of the Southern Outcrop1
The caves of the great hunters1
The children of craig y nos1
The complete Caving manual1
The darkness under the earth1
The desert caves of Saudi Arabia1
The discovery of luray caverns Virginia1
The district of Sennybridge, Trecastle and Defynnog Book 11
The district of Sennybridge, Trecastle and Defynnog Book 21
The earliest views of Glamorgan1
The game goes on1
The great cave of Wookey Hole2
The great siege1
The great storms and floods of July 1968 on Mendip1
The heart of Mendip1
The jewel cave adventure - 50 miles of discovery under S. Dakota1
The nest gatherers of tiger cave1
The new Caves of Scotland1
The seaboard of Mendip1
The secret and the sacred Beacons1
The secret world of Porth yr Ogof1
The show caves of Great Britain1
The story of Priddy1
The subterranean world1
The suckers visit to the Mammoth Cave1
The truth is a cave in the Black Mountains1
Theoretischen Spelaologie1
They Words, They Words They 'orrible Words1
They found another world2
Three Below Gower1
Timeless Cheddar Caves1
Tin Mines and Miners of Dartmoor1
Tin Mining1
Tin and Tin Mining1
To Boyno3
To Photograph Darkness1
Tomo Times1
Tooth Cave, Ilston, Gower: an early Bronze Age occupation. I.Archaeology1
Tot Lord & the Bone Caves1
Tourbieres et morphologie karstique dans la Region de Sligo1
Touring Club of France1
Toute la Speleologie1
Tower of Strength1
Traite de Speleologie1
Trans.of the Nat.Hist.Soc.Northumberland & Durham Vol 6/11
Trans.of the Nat.Hist.Soc.Northumberland & Durham Vol 6/21
Transactions Vol. XCII1
Transactions Vol. XCV1
Transactions Vol. LXXXIX1
Transactions Vol. XC1
Travertines and cave deposits of the Kaap escarpment of South Africa, and the type locality of Australopithecus africanus Dart1
Tresviso 20111
Tresviso 2012 [Survey] SWCC1
Tubes, Bull. C.D.S. Ardeche1
Tunnel Cave, Paul and Barnabas Extension1
Tunnelling with Explosives1
Turkiye Magaralari2
Turystyczne Jaskinie Tatr1
Twelve Mines in The Broseley Area1
Two Centuries of Industrial Welfare1
Ty Gwyn Mine - S20281
U Kamenu Svjetlo1
Un Die Frage der Hohlenbildungszyklen1
Undara volcano and its lava tubes1
Under Cheddar Cliffs1
Underground Adventure2
Underground Britain1
Underground Britain Legal & Insurance Issues1
Underground Clwyd1
Underground England1
Underground Reigate1
Underground Wales1
Underground Water Tracing - Investigations in Slovenia1
Underground Worlds-Guizhou China1
Underground in Furness2
Underground wonderworld of Ternopil Region1
Underwater Guide to the Lot and Dordogne1
Underwater Potholer1
Une Region Karstique d'Ireland: Le Burren1
Unit Two Newsletter1
Universite de Dijon, Faculty des Lettres, Laboratoire de Geographie1
Unterirdische Welten1
Uomini Caverne e Abissi1
Valle de Carranza, Pozalagua, Torca del Carlista y Venta Lape1
Variations in the cave water chemistry at Dan yr Ogof1
Vekum Budoucim1
Venturing underground: the new speleo's guide1
Vercors Caves1
Vercors classic French Caving Vol 1, supplement1
Vertical Caving1
Vertical Shafts in Limestone Caves1
Victoria Cave1
Vietnam 901
Visiting American Caves1
Vodic Kroz Uredine Spilje Hrvatske1
Vodic po pristupacnim spiljama i jamama u Hrvatskoj1
Voices from The Stone Age1
W Jaskiniach1
WSG Bulletin1
Waitomo Caves1
Wales Underground1
Wales a study from the air1
Wales in Early Times1
Walks Around the caves and Karst of the Mendip Hills1
Walks in The Brecon Beacons1
Warplane Wrecks of South Wales and The Marches1
Wege in Inntal1
Wege in Istrien2
Wells Museum Report1
Welsh Coal Mines1
Welsh Development Agency Report and Accounts 1992-19931
Welsh Geological Quarterly Vol.1 No 11
Welsh Geological Quarterly Vol.1 No 21
Welsh Geological Quarterly Vol.1 No 31
Welsh Geological Quarterly Vol.1 No 41
Welsh Geological Quarterly Vol.2 No 11
Welsh Geological Quarterly Vol.2 No 21
Welsh Geological Quarterly Vol.2 No 31
Welsh Geological Quarterly Vol.2 No 41
Welsh Geological Quarterly Vol.3 No 11
Welsh Geological Quarterly Vol.3 No 21
Welsh Geological Quarterly Vol.3 No 3/41
Welsh Mines and Mining1
Welsh Sump Index 3rd edition1
Welsh sump index 19861
Wendron Tin1
Wessex Cave Club WCC1
West Driefontein, Ordeal by Water1
West Midlands Green Belt Map1
Western Caver1
Western Kentucky Speleological Survey Annual Report 19791
White Lady Cave - S20101
White Lady Cave - S20111
White Scar Cave2
Who Was Aveline Anyway1
Who's Who in The Environment,England1
Wilderness Artist1
Wilderness Under The Earth1
Wildlife and the law and You1
William Pengelly Newsletter1
Wire Rope Grip Terminations1
Wookey Hole1
Wookey Hole 75 years of cave diving1
Wookey Hole The Cave of Mystery & History1
Wookey Hole its caves and cave dwellers1
Wookey Hole the cave and its story1
Wookey Hole,The Cave of Mystery & History1
Wookey The Caves Beyond1
Work in the Woods, Dean's Industrial Heritage1
World Archaeology1
Wrens Nest National Nature Reserve1
Wyandotte cave1
Yangtze caves 961
Year Book1
Yochib: The River Cave1
Yorkshire Caves and Potholes, No 1 North Ribblesdale1
Yorkshire Caves and Potholes, No 2 Under Ingleborough2
Yorkshire Field Studies1
Yoruk 91, Expedition Speleologique en Turquie1
Zauber der hohlen1
Zaustavljeno Vrijeme1
Zivot Neandertalaca1
Zoologie Experimentale1
la Cueva Alfredo Jahn1
la Espeleologia en Venezuela, Flora Y Fauna Hipogea1
la Formation des Cavernes1
la Geographie des Terrains Calcaires2
la Geologie d'une Partie du Liban Sud1
la Grotte Chauvet1
la Grotte Cosquer1
la Grotte de Clamouse2
la Grotte de Lascaux1
la Grotte du Sergent1
la Histoplasmosis en Venezuela1
Swansea & Gower Coalfield 1301-19681