Cave access

Access arrangements for some local caves

Please note that we have changed the rules for obtaining cave entrance keys from the Duty Officer. So that the Duty officer gets some free time, keys must be collected before 11.00 am and should be returned to the 'Drop Box' at the cottage.

Mid-week, keys can be collected from the same people who hold keys for mid-week access to the club HQ, please arrange access with them well in advance of your planed trip.

All cavers collecting keys from SWCC must use the Destination Board at the SWCC Headquarters.

It is highly reccommended to use this system even if your chosen cave does not have gated access, if your trip is based at the club.

(click on the ticket for a how-to guide!)

Participation Statement: The SWCC recognises that caving, mine exploration and diving are activities with a risk of personal injury or death. Participants in such activities should be aware and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions and involvement. Through its association with the BCA the SWCC recognises that correct training is one way of mimising such risks and provides opportunities for training.

Please note that in the interests of conservation, the use of carbide/acetylene lamps is not permitted in any of the caves for which we control access. You must use electric lighting.