by Chris Grimmett

More engineering

Brian considers the site for the new winch platform

The May Day bank holiday weekend was the first time that any serious work was carried out at Babysitters Dig since the August 2000.  When digging had ceased, the shaft had already begun to move off vertical and to one side.  This had been causing difficulties with winching and we had noticed substantial wear on the cable and pulleys.

The solution was to move the winch position through 90 degrees and no longer to run the cable through the shelter.  This in turn required the building of a platform for the winch itself as no longer could it be situated on level ground.  The concrete mixing equipment was once again brought up the hill and a winch platform cast between some handy limestone boulders.  At the same time, the remaining part of the shaft top was completed and an unloading ramp constructed.

Moving the winch now meant that the headframe was in the wrong position and would have to be redesigned.

The diggers take a tea break