Digital Photography course

12-13th February 2005 - run by Peter Collings-Wells
The day began bright and early at 9am (to the displeasure of some!).  Once we were eventually gathered we discussed our aims for the day and the protection of our precious digicams, involving a lot of clingfilm and selotape.  Some old fashioned exposed film was pressed into service to provide infra red filters - I knew it was useful for something!

After we were finally prepared we went to OFDII where we made our way to Gnome Passage.  Here was our first challenge, a large scale cave and making the kit work.  We then moved on to other parts of OFD II for some smaller scale work.

Upon returning the moment of truth arrived and we could see the pictures nice and large on the PC - some were now convinced that digital was the way to go, while others remained sceptial!

Most of us managed to rise early again on Sunday and continued the course in OFD I.  The streamway was now only 'sporting' so we took plenty of shots in there along with other parts of the cave, producing I think some rather good pictures.

See our results from:

ash_1.jpg (31660 bytes)
ash_6.jpg (47233 bytes)
Brendan_1.jpg (43450 bytes) pcw_rishi_2.jpg (64301 bytes) rishi_2.jpg (71767 bytes) Chris_3.jpg (46689 bytes)