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Gary's PSM Pictures 2017

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On the other side of the valley from Penwyllt, almost opposite the cottages, is the entrance to Dan-yr-Ogof. This is a fine and extensive system, and the river which flows out of Dan-yr-Ogof initially leaves the surface on the Black Mountain, more than two miles from where it can last be seen in the cave.

The entrance series of Dan-yr-Ogof is a show cave, but a 10 minute walk through the show cave leads to the start of the 'cavers cave'. Wetsuits are recommended as the Lakes and the Green Canal are cold and deep. Water levels in the Lakes especially are known to be very variable and can rise with little or no warning.

Control of caver access is through the DYO Cave Advisory Committee on behalf of the Show Cave owners. All parties (max 5 pers) in the cave must have a Dan-yr-Ogof Leader with them (called a warden) and have recognised caving insurance - but see the DYO CAC site for up to date access details.

And you will have to dodge the dinosaurs on your way in . . .

Ogof Ffynnon Ddu

Ogof Ffynnon Ddu, the Cave of the Black Spring, commonly known to the lazy or non-welsh as OFD, is the nearest cave to the club, lying almost under the cottages. There are 3 entrances to the system within easy walking distance of the cottage - the OFD I or bottom entrance, the Cwm Dwr entrance and the OFD II or top entrance.  Please see the access information for OFD to plan a trip.

For the ‘full’ experience without leaving your chair, look at the Virtual Tour at www.ogof.net 

OFD is Britain's third longest cave and at 275m deep is its deepest. The through trip from the Top to the Bottom entrance remains a classic in the UK, and its approx. 61km of passages provide everything from huge chambers, beautiful formations, to yawning chasms and thundering river passages.   The routes though the cave are too numerous to mention, but the simplified survey above locates some of the main points.  Copies of the full survey are available from SWCC HQ.

Be aware that the Mainstream and some other parts of the cave are prone to flooding, and in any event a journey down the Mainstream is long and cold and wet, so go prepared.

More background info on Ogof Ffynnon Ddu and a Conservation article from Welsh Country Magazine.

Topos and more information

  1. OFD1 The Step
  2. OFD 2 The Columns
  3. OFD 2 The Columns Pitch
  4. OFD 2 Streamway Markers
  5. OFD 2 Swamp Creek
  6. OFD 2 The Nave
  7. OFD 2 The Sky Hook

Pant Mawr Pot

A permit is required for access to Pant Mawr Pot. A permit is obtained in advance from the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and will be granted to any bona-fide caver.

A permit must be carried by all groups visiting the cave. This is to enable Estate ground staff to challenge parties, on behalf of the landowner, and verify that they have permission to be crossing the moor to access the cave.

No key is required for Pant Mawr Pot.

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