At the club's 75 anniversary a major project was launched to replace the roof on the club HQ and thus secure it as a base for caving in South Wales for the foreseeable future. This is a major undertaking that will involve the club in fund raising and planning activities for the at least the remainder of this decade. 

Roof Replacement - Savings

March 2018 update

January 2018 update

Planning: We have submitted a pre-planning application to the Brecon Beacons National Park who have indicated that their preference is for the chimneys to remain. This is a non binding and without prejudice opinion was made on the basis of drawings and photographs supplied by us showing the HQ with, and without, the chimneys. There was no site visit. Whether we accept this opinion is up to us but may in part be dependant on the cost.

Design & Construction: We now have a very robust design which has been produced by a structural engineering company and also discussed with a Welsh based construction company who specialise in heritage roofs. They have visited Penwyllt, inspected the roof internally and had preliminary discussions with us. They have taken away the proposed design with a view to coming back to us early in 2018 with an indicative cost. I must stress that at this stage the design is not final. It has been produced as a basis for discussion and to  enable us to get some idea of the likely construction methodology, constraints and costs. 

Financials: The ring fenced roof fund currently has a balance of just under £22K with a likely annual transfer of a further £10K from the club's operating account due in January. As described in the prospectus there is planned giving scheme where by members can commit to a periodic standing order of any amount the chose direct to the ring fenced roof fund. As soon as we have a better idea of the costs we will be raising the profile of this and other the fund raising 'opportunities'. 

Paul Meredith

New Roof Sub Committee

The Beautiful Adventure

A major film of the exploration history and journey through Dan yr Ogof has been made and published by Antonia and Andy Freem. It involved 15 trips with well over 30 SWCC cavers and is a high quality informative 65 minute documentary that is fascinating viewing for those who have or have not been able to visit the entire cave, including for example the diver only Battle of Britain Series, Cascade Series, Mostest and Far North.  

This unique record is on sale for just £5.00, with proceeds going to the SWCC H.Q. Roof Fund.

Copies will be available for purchase from the publications cupboard, or by mail order directly from Andy