Rates, per person per day

  • Members:  £8.00
  • Pre-booked University clubs (current students only): £9.00
  • Guests: £12.00

  • Camping fees: same as above
  • Children under 16: members £3.50, guest £5

  • Non-resident Visitors day use (changing facilities only):  £2.00
  • Non-resident Members and their Guests day use:  £2.00

  • Reciprocal rights clubs pay members rates.
    • BEC, BPC, CPC, C&C, MCG, Orpheus, RRCPC, SMCC, Wessex and YSS
    • please bring membership card

Any person under the age of 18 (including junior members) must be accompanied by a parent or adult in loco parentis when staying at the cottages

24 Jun
Preppers for the BB Ultra, 2
Date 24.06.2024 - 27.06.2024
24 Jun
24.06.2024 - 30.06.2024
28 Jun
OUCC alumni, 4
28.06.2024 - 30.06.2024

Staying at SWCC

 Visiting cavers are most welcome to stay at the SWCC headquarters where we can offer either camping or simple bunk-based accommodation, hot showers, the use of a modern kitchen, central heating and a real fire!

The SWCC HQ can get sometimes get very busy and to ensure that we are able to make everybody's stay as comfortable as possible we strongly encourage potential guests to pre-book, something which is essential if you are a larger group. We recognise that you may need to change the number planning to stay from the original booking number. When this occurs, we do ask that you contact the Bookings Secretary as soon as possible in advance to discuss the changes and to ensure that both your stay and that of SWCC members and other guests, is not unduly compromised.

We have the capacity for 40 visitors most of the time (that's bunk and camping). Committee weekends tend to be busy so we have a visitor capacity of 20 on those weekends. Please check the online calendar to see these dates, and to see who else will be around. Please read the guest information sheet to learn more.

There are a few occasions reserved solely for members or reciprocal members (members can also bring up to two personal guests), because we expect the accommodation to be full, for example our AGM weekend or Whitsun Bank Holiday.

Electric Vehicles at SWCC

Whilst SWCC would like to encourage environmentally friendly travel, including the use of electric vehicles, we are unable to provide any charging facilities at present, including via a 'normal' 13 amp socket. This is due to the limited supply and 'non-smart' nature of our 13A sockets meaning any charging may exceed the rating of the club's supply.

Out electricity supply is scheduled for an upgrade in the foreseeable future, at which point it is envisaged that an EV charging point will be available for visitors. Therefore, for now, please do not jeopardise the electrical supply to SWCC by attempting to charge your EV when stay with us.

We look forward to seeing you!

[We have information on access arrangements for local caves; you may need to book cave permits in advance for some caves.]

Bookings Secretary

Keith Goodhead

The best way to contact me is by email at: bookings@swcc.org.uk

If it's already Friday evening or during the weekend in question, please don't call me, call the Club (01639 730613) and ask for the Duty Officer; they'll have a reasonably up-to-date calendar as well be able to give a first-hand view on bunk-space for the weekend.

Lle'r Ysgaw, Cradoc, Brecon, Powys. LD3 9QA ~ 01874 610080