Little Neath River Cave, Bridge Cave & Upper Nedd (Neath) Valley

An access agreement has been reached between the Cambrian Caving Council and the Landowners of the above caves, on behalf of all cavers both recreational and professional.

Parking for these sites will be at the Bridge Cave car park only. As before, cavers should each pay a £1 goodwill fee to the landowners, at Blaen Nedd Isaf farm.

There will probably be some form of secure collection box at the car park in the future but for now a quick trip to the farm by one member of the group to continue a good relationship with the landowners.

The farmyard must not be used for parking or changing.

Sporting cavers are asked to have suitable 3rd part liability insurance. Further pre-requisites of access are:

  • Each member of the group is entering the cave of their own free will;
  • Each knows the nature of the difficulties they will encounter; and
  • Each caver accepts that they are entering a potentially dangerous environment at their own risk.

Should anyone wish to dig or conduct a scientific project within LNRC, please contact the CCC beforehand. The cave and the land above and around the area are designated SSSI which carries special protection. No dig or project will be refused if they are carried out in an acceptable manner.

Access for professional groups will depend on their demonstration of the appropriate insurance cover to the CCC, have carried out the necessary risk assessments and paid their appropriate fee to the landowners.



  1. Dial 999
  2. Ask for the POLICE
  3. Then ask for CAVE RESCUE
  4. Be prepared to give as much information as possible about the location of the cave, the cavers involved and the injuries sustained.
  6. A Cave Rescue Warden will call you back for more details

SMWCRT The South and Mid Wales Cave Rescue Team HQ is at Penwyllt cottage no 2, and many of our members are also members of SMWCRT. The team hold training events throughout the year, usually in the local area Penwyllt - see their calendar for details.

Participation Statement: The SWCC recognises that caving, mine exploration and diving are activities with a risk of personal injury or death. Participants in such activities should be aware and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions and involvement. Through its association with the BCA the SWCC recognises that correct training is one way of minimising such risks and provides opportunities for training.