From Berger to Blanc - in 29 hrs and 29 mins

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Setting off from La Moliere!
. . its up there!
Jules and Paul at the Entrance
Going down!
Last sight of light At Les Couffinades
At Les Couffinades Pool pitch
The Syphon . . . . at a depth of . .                                     up to the top
. . 1122m. Now the fun begins!
On our way back up . . at -720m
Hall of the Thirteen
Hall of the Thirteen
Camp One
Exit . . - now where did I . .
. . put my cycle shorts? VTT
Velo Engins Eat, sleep, drink . .
Through the night . .
On the slab . .                                     up to the top
Arriving at Bionassy
Food stocks at Bionassy, with sherpa!
Setting off up from Bionassy 6.30 am At Nid Aigle
Arriving . ..
. . at . .
. . Tête Rousse
The route to Goûter
Setting off alone . . At the Aiguille de Goûter
Climbing the Dôme de Goûter
Below Ref. Vallot                                     up to the top
Above Ref. Goûter
The Bosses ridge
Final ridge! THE SUMMIT! 4807m
The Summit with Vercors behind Zonked in the Goûter hut - by Jules
Recovery! Team Success


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The Support Team     
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