Videos by SWCC Members (mostly)
Family Caving            
SWCC in Belize ~ by Nicky Bayley
2010 British Caving Expedition to Belize 
Explorations in Pueblo Creek Cave and Tiger Cave also giving a tate of expedition life. Part 1
Expedition to Belize  Part 2

Caving in the Gouffre Berger 
In the footsteps of Fernand Petzl to -1122m With modern and original footage -
by The Petzl Crew

Caving videos by Andy and Antonia Freem
Ogof Govan - Pembrokeshire
A team of members from SWCC visit this unique and most beautifully decorated cave in a sea cliff.
Picnic at Timo's Table - OFD 2
A team of women members take a round trip to Timo's Table ~ Filmed and edited by Antonia.
Cold Showers - a wet OFD through trip.
A watery caving trip - top entrance to Cwm Dwr with members of SWCC and the Finnish Caving Club.
OFD 2 - The Nave pitches - SRT
Filmed during one of our "Introduction to Caving " weekends we SRT down three short pitches to the OFD Streamway.
Minllyn slate mine mid-Wales
This mine was mainly worked in the nineteenth century and has half a dozen large chambers and 2 entrances. We visited in 2012.
Ystrad-Einion mine mid -Wales
Of the original four levels, only the top two are not flooded. It is famous for the underground waterwheel .
Crossing Airy Fairy and Bolt Traverses - OFD 1 Follow a party across the Airy Fairy traverse and then Bolt traverse. Groups from Nottingham Uni pass along the stream underneath during the filming.
Below the traverses to OFD 3  Take a trip along some of the more serious cave passages in OFD, to a remote rift that is rarely visited or photographed. There are lots of black spaces beneath the cavers as they cross.
Club trip to Cwm Dwr, Dec 2011  A fly-on-the-wall style video report on one of the Club calendar trips aiming to help newer members find their way around the complex passages in Cwm Dwr.
OFD 2 Streamway Maypole Inlet to Top Waterfall
The classic streamway upstream of maypole inlet with cavers from SWCC and Shannon Caving Group, Feb 2012.
Family Caving with SWCC in OFD 2  Follow many SWCC caving families round the Upper Series of Ogof Ffynnon Ddu, New Year's Eve 2012. Shows why caving is fun for kids as well as adults
OFD 1 Streamway  This video shows a journey up the Ogof Ffynon Ddu streamway in near flood conditions. It presents the contrasts in water movement, sounds and patternsy things.
OFD 1 Round Trip  Quite a high stream level in Jan 2012 with members of SWCC and guest. The route takes the dry 'escape' route in and follows the stream back out.
Crossing the Lakes Dan yr Ogof
SWCC cavers negotiating the lakes in high water, January 2012
Dan yr Ogof round trip - Part 1 of a journey round one of Wales's classic caves from the lakes beyond the show cave, round the lower series, Mazeways, and back out via Green Canal.
Dan yr Ogof round trip - Part 2 from the lakes beyond the show cave. To the end of DYO2 at the Rising then back out via Green Canal into Cloud Chamber . Pant Mawr Pot - Descending this remote but impressive cave. The entrance shaft is followed by huge tunnels occasionally constricted with boulder chokes, and the cave ends in a flooded sump. Notts Pot II - A descent of the superb Notts Pot II, part of the 3 Counties system, under Leck Fell in the Dales National Park.
Dan yr Ogof Cascade Series (with the discoverer)
Recently discovered upper series & involves many pitches up a streamway above DYO 2. Some wet & difficult crawls & squeezes. Very few cavers have visited this area of the cave.
Prokofiev Series OFD
A small series of passages the northern part of Ogof Fynnon Ddu 2. Access is guarded by a squeeze and a narrow technically difficult traverse.
Pendulum Passage OFD
A difficult and dramatic passage in Ogof Ffynnon Ddu. It shows some very odd and beautiful natural features to try to explain.
Great Oxbow Series OFD
A trip into OFD to view and photograph some of its stunning formations, with members of SWCC and the Finnish Caving Club.

Family caving in OFD2 ~ by Piers Hallihan
Young Beginner's Trip  around the entrance series showing just what a family sport caving is. James was 5 years old on this trip!
More of James in the Upper series  This time a classic beginner trip to the Mini Columns with a crawl around some of the side passages.
A Family Trip to Shatter Pillar and back  No video of Presidents Leap unfortunately, I had my hands a bit full getting a 7 year old safely across!

Amy, James and Meghan in OFD II. Although it's quite humid in the cave, it's also reasonably sterile - very little in the way of bacteria etc so it's a great form of excercise that doesn't cause Meghan problems with her CF.
Caving videos by Rhys williams    
Cowshill Cave digging  A Wednesday night cave digging session at Cowshill Cave, Forest of Dean, March 2012.
Slaughter Stream sand dig - part 1  My first play with the helmet camera underground. A hastily edited taster - Slaughter Stream Cave, Forest of Dean, February 2012.
Slaughter Stream sand dig - part 1  A return to the sand dig in Slaughter Stream Cave. Digging, surveying, breakthroughs and exploration. March 2012.
Caving Videos ~ by Dr Peter Glanville
St Catherine's to Fisherstreet Pot  The classic Irish throught trip in the Doolin River Cave.