Digging and Access Rules for SWCC land.

Some of the land owned by SWCC (edged in red on the map) is currently rented to our tenant, Gareth Evans Snr. As part of his tenancy agreement SWCC are able to continue caving activities on the land including digging, scientific work and so forth, provided we donít cause disruption or other detriment to Gareth Evans Snr.ís farming. So that we keep to our side of this legal agreement, all digging etc must conform to these conditions.

1. Please apply to the Committee before starting any dig or similar project or using vehicles on the land. This also helps the Committee in case there are any queries from Gareth Evans Snr. Permission will normally be freely given for projects that conform to these guidelines.

2. Digs must be left tidy and safe after each visit and not be a risk to livestock or people.

3. Damage to land must be minimal and made good (i.e. digs and spoil heaps).

4. Lambing: it is specifically mentioned in the agreement that there shall be no disruption during the lambing season (normally between mid March and mid May). Anything other than very low-key activity should be avoided at this time, and itís best to defer any project entirely until lambing is over. Obviously blasting, use of vehicles or machinery, visits by large groups etc., must not be done.

5. Vehicles must only be used when genuinely required to carry equipment, damage to land must be avoided, and in particular if the ground is soft or wet, then their use must be postponed until conditions are more suitable.

By staying within these guidelines, using common sense and reasonable care, we will be able to continue our use of the land on a sound footing, whilst meeting our side of the bargain with Gareth Evans Snr. and not harming his legal rights and interests.

SWCC Committee February 2004

See map of affected land.