The Club Newsletter (and History of Penwyllt)

The South Wales Caving Club publishes its own Newsletter. This is a production with quality photographs on both cover pages and carries details of caving trips and expeditions abroad, usually with plenty of photographs and surveys. Copies are supplied to members but are available for sale to others by calling in person at the Club.

See lower down the page for the archive of complete scanned issues from 1952 to 1985, and also a fascinating history of Penwyllt village.

Contributions are welcomed from all members, please contact the Editor.

Index 1992 to 2016

Recent ones are complete, older ones are index only (we're working on the gaps and whole scans!)

Scanned newsletters - 1952 to 1985

We now have the oldest SWCC newsletters on line, so far we have numbers 1-99 scanned in dating from 1952 to July 1985. In making these available electronically we hope to save wear and tear on the library copies which are getting rather fragile! These are in pdf format, Acrobat PDF reader is available free from Adobe.



Penwyllt History