Paying your SWCC Subs on-line

If you have access to internet banking you can now pay your subs that way.

Please take great care to follow the steps below and to get the Sort code and Account No details right,
because you won't be deemed to have paid until your correct subs hits the SWCC bank account.

1 - Account Details
Account Name: SWCC SUBS (normally you put this in the box "who do you want to pay?" or "payee")
Sort code: 20 37 82
Account No: 73385639

2 - Your Name
Enter your Surname followed by your Initials (normally in the box "your reference")

3 - Amount
Enter the amount to pay (normally your SWCC plus BCA subs) Click here for current rates.
If you are a recent Member or Provisional Member, please check with Sam (Membership Sec) first.

4 - Please email Sam
To let him know
when you have made the transaction (including how you worked it out) so that he can look out for it.

You can still pay by Cheque if you don't use Internet Banking, but we would prefer the latter as it's a lot less work.

Any problems contact Sam




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