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The South Wales Caving Club is the largest caving club in Wales with a membership of around 300. We are active in all the major British Caving areas,and each year many take part in caving expeditions abroad. Some are acknowledged as being at the forefront of British Caving.

We have our own Club Headquarters at Penwyllt, north of Abercraf in the Swansea Valley, where you will find members congregating almost every weekend of the year.

There is a very strong social element to caving in general and SWCC is no exception to this tradition, with many friendships being struck for life. Our membership is of all ages and includes many family groups, with children of all ages.

If you are interested in joining the club then please come along to meet us at the cottages. If you contact us first we can suggest good weekends for you to visit, and you are more likely to be able to join a caving trip. It's usually best to visit first on a committee weekend which is once a month (see calendar), as this is when the largest number of members are around.

Membership Structure

There are 5 main types of membership:

(1) Provisional, age 16+
(2) Junior, age 16-17
(3) Full, age 18+
(4) Joint age 18+
(5) Retired (having reached the state retirement age)

Everyone must be a provisional member before he or she can become either a junior or full member, depending on age. A junior member automatically becomes a full member on reaching age 18. Joint membership is available to couples who live together who have both been full members.

To join SWCC:

  • (1) Become a provisional member

Send a completed provisional membership application form, along with the requisite fee, to the Membership Secretary. Forms can be downloaded [Word, Open Office, PDF] or found in the black plastic folder by the notice board at SWCC HQ. Upon acceptance of your application at the next committee meeting your provisional membership will be valid for 12 months.

  • (2) Get to know the members and the committee

In order to apply for full membership, you will need to have 2 proposers, who can be anyone who has been a member of SWCC for at least 2 years. They can introduce you to other club members, and help you to get involved in club activities. It is advisable, though it should not be considered essential, that you get to be known by a few of the current committee members.

  • (3) Become a full member

After at least six months, and before the anniversary of your provisional membership, you can apply for full membership. Your name, and those of your 2 proposers, should be displayed on the notice board for at least 6 weeks prior to the committee meeting at which your application will be decided (see calendar for dates). Send a completed full membership application form [Word, Open Office, PDF] (or available at SWCC HQ), along with a letter of proposal from each of your proposers, and the requisite fee, to the Membership Sec in good time for the meeting.

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Membership Subscription and BCA Rates 2016/2017

Membership now runs from September 1st, renewable every year, and you must pay within 2 months to retain your membership.

Price after
October 1st 2016
Retired Joint
(one or both)
Special Offer! £10
BCA* active caver
additional £17 per person
BCA active caver
full-time student or under 18

additional £8 per person
BCA non - active caver
additional £6 per person

Please pay both your SWCC subs and BCA subs together. For example:
Full active caver member £47+£17=£64
Retired non-active caver £33+£6=£39
Joint active caver couple £68+£17+17=£102

How To Pay

Its easiest if you would pay your combined SWCC and BCA subs using on-line banking - full details here.

If you don't use on-line banking, then post your cheque to our Membership Secretary.
Cheques to be made payable to SWCC. We cannot take subs through the hut sheets.

If your particular combination doesn't appear here, or if you are a Provisional Member, please contactour Membership Secretary for assistance as you may get a discount.

*British Caving Association subs: This includes 3rd party liability insurance at a level appropriate to your caving activity and all members must choose which category they fit into. These subs are collected via SWCC but are separate from the SWCC membership subs. If you have already joined the BCA via another route there is no additional fee (e.g. Individual BCA member, via another BCA caving club or cave divers group), but your BCA Insurance Card Number must be provided. Please note that this insurance does not cover injury to yourself.