SWCC Contacts

Members and visitors, we are here for you - please click on the relevant person and get in touch!

General enquiries can be directed to the Club Secretary. If you want to book accommodation please contact the Bookings Secretary,
if you'd like to give us money talk to the Treasurer! If you are thinking of joining please contact our Membership Secretary.

2016 - 2017

President: Jem Rowland


Chairman: Piers Hallihan
Secretary: Gary Vaughan
Assistant Secretary: Vacant
Treasurer: Harvey Lomas
Editor: Amanda Davies, Chloe Francis assisting
Training Officer: Pete Hobson
Equipment Officer: Iain Miller
Cottage Warden: Brian Clipstone
Rescue Liasion: Vince Allkins
Records Officer: Allan Richardson
Conservation Officer: Dave Dobson
Webmaster/Communications: Tim Lewingdon
Membership Secretary: Sam Moore
Fixed Aids: Martin Hoff
Estate Manager: Chris Grimmett & team
Ordinary Members: Chloe Francis, Bernie Woodley, Leigh Davies

Non Committee posts:

Hut Bookings Secretary: Keith Goodhead
Duty Officer Coordinator: Sam Moore
Merchandise: Jo White
Meets Sec:Vacant 
OFD Mngmnt Honsec:
Allan Richardson

Working Groups & Sub-Committees

If you want to contact any other specific members please contact our Communications Officer who will be happy to help.