Duty officer

The Duty Officer is there to make sure all runs smoothly at the HQ. This is an important role and if all members who use the cottages volunteer we should each only have to do it once every 4 years! To put your name down look for the link on the on-line calendar or write on the sheet on the noticeboard. The DO is expected to be available at the cottage over the weekend to carry out the duties. The role can also be shared. The full instructions can be found in the members area of the site and also on the main noticeboard, as can the signing up list!


  • To administer access to cave keys and ensure proper use of destination board (see below).
  • To supervise and ensure smooth running of the Headquarters over the weekend.
  • To be aware of the number of bunks to be reserved for booked parties.
  • To initiate Cave Rescue procedures (by phoning a Rescue Warden) in the event of a party being overdue or an incident reported.

    All cavers collecting keys must use the Destination Board at the SWCC Headquarters.

    It is highly reccommended to use this system even if the chosen cave does not have gated access, if the trip is based at the club.

    (click on the ticket for a how-to guide!)

    See James and Sarah on DO duty >