SWCC Guest Info and Hut Fees

Guest Information and Hut Fees 2015-16

To help you enjoy your stay we have prepared the following information sheet.

You should receive a copy of this information when you make a booking - or you might like to print it out here (pdf) to bring with you.

1) On arrival please sign in enbloc, in the book in the lobby.

2) Please also pay your hut fees enbloc, usually on Sunday morning before you go caving. If no Duty Officer is present, please complete one of the envelopes provided and use the secure payment box by the signing in book.

  • Rates, per person per day

  • Members (and clubs with reciprocal rights*): £5.00
  • Member's children under 16: £2.50
  • For pre-booked university caving clubs (discounted - current students only): £7.00
  • For all other guests: £9.00
  • Guest's children under 16: £4.50
  • Fees for camping are the same as above.
  • Use of the facilities during the day for any non-resident: £1.00 (in the shower box)**

* CPC, C&C, BEC, MCG, RRCPC, Orpheus, YSS and Wessex (please bring membership card)
** Day visits by members on club business are free.

3) There may be a "Duty Officer" around to help you settle in and to answer any questions, issue keys etc.. Do ask anyone you meet to tell you who this is, or point out any committee members present.

4) Guest accommodation is normally as follows (Cottages are 1-10 from the left as you face the front)
Women only No 6 rear (above main kitchen up ladies stairs - purple door)
Men only No 9 front (above long common room up 'gents' stairs) (mixed if it gets busy!)
Mixed No 10 front (above Library up end stairs)
Showers and Changing areas Nos 3 & 4, Drying Room No 4 upstairs rear

5) Camping is only allowed in the grassy area in front of the cottages.

6) Please make no excessive noise after midnight, there are dormitories right above you!

7) Cave permits (where necessary) must be arranged before arrival.
See www.swcc.org.uk/caving/ to find out about Access and Permits.

8) Every caving party must fill out a trip ticket and hang it on the destination board, so we know who is underground and when to expect their return. See www.swcc.org.uk/caving/access/ .

9) Guests are expected to clear up promptly after eating and to help keep the eating and food preparation areas clean and tidy. Spare cleaning materials are in the cupboard in the Dining Room.

10) We no longer have recycling bins; please come prepared to take all your Glass, Cans and Cardboard away with you.

11) The showers and changing areas do get dirty, but it would help if you could assist by hosing them down after you have used them.

12) Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the cottages - this is now a legal requirement. Well behaved dogs are allowed only in the Small Common Room and signing in area.

13) Please keep the toilet areas clean and tidy. The loo roll stock is in the loft above the gents.

14) Guests may use the Library if it is open, but they may not borrow any materials without permission from the Librarian.

15) If you are the last to leave the building please follow the switching off instructions on the fuse board in the main passage.

16) If there is a problem, please bring it to the attention of the Duty Officer or a committee member, failing that here are a couple of local members you can contact.
Lel Davies (Membership Secretary): 01639 730 771 Sue Goodhead: 01874 610 080

We look forward to seeing you! Club phone number: 01639 730 613 Postcode for GPS: SA9 1GQ