Collecting keys for SWCC HQ

If you are a member and do not have a key, you can get a key out of the relevant key safe. If you are logged into this website, the location of the key safe and the code should be displayed in the box to the right of this page.

If you are a pre-booked visitor, you have likely been sent this information via email when your booking was confirmed.

In both cases the key must remain in the key safe when you are not using - return it to the key safe and re-lock it once you have locked or unlocked the doors.

Failing this, the keys can be collected from the following people, listed in distance from the cottage:-

  • Paul Quill 01639 731407
  • Simon & Annie Amatt 01639 730336
  • Lel Davies 01639 730771

The keys will open all the main front doors, but not the key cupboard. If you require access to caves, you will need to make separate arrangements. Please see our Local Caves and Access page.

You must unlock the mortise lock on the family quarters door (the door to the left of the main entrance) and also the door to cottage No. 8 (to the right of the main entrance) as these act as a fire escapes.

If you are leaving the hut unattended, ensure all doors (including the family quarters doors and the door to Cottage No. 8, plus the changing rooms) are locked. All doors can be unlocked from the inside.

Bookings Secretary

Keith Goodhead

The best way to contact me is by email at:

If it's already Friday evening or during the weekend in question, please don't call me, call the Club (01639 730613) and ask for the Duty Officer; they'll have a reasonably up-to-date calendar as well be able to give a first-hand view on bunk-space for the weekend.

Lle'r Ysgaw, Cradoc, Brecon, Powys. LD3 9QA ~ 01874 610080