South Wales Caving Club is the largest caving club in Wales with a membership of around 300. We are active in all the major British Caving areas and each year many take part in caving expeditions abroad. Some are acknowledged as being at the forefront of British Caving. We have our own Club Accommodation at Penwyllt, North of Abercraf in the Swansea Valley, where you will find members congregating almost every weekend of the year. There is a very strong social element to caving in general and SWCC is no exception to this tradition, with many friendships being struck for life. Our membership is of all ages and includes many family groups, with children of all ages. 

If you are interested in joining the club then please come along to meet us at the Accommodation. If you contact us first we can suggest good weekends for you to visit, and you are more likely to be able to join a caving trip. It's usually best to visit first on a committee weekend which is once a month (see calendar, as this is when the largest number of members are around).

SWCC Membership map (Dec. 2018)

Membership Structure

There are 4 types of membership:

  1. Provisional: £20 (1st year offer)
  2. Junior, age 16-17: £20
  3. Full: £56 (£45 retired, £37 U30/in FTE)
  4. Joint: £90 (£72 retired, £59 U30/in FTE)

This Privacy Notice tells you what to expect when SWCC collects and processes personal information. This version is effective from September 2023.