Past Times ~ by Brian Jorgensen

"Past Times" SWCC 1964 - 1976 by Brian Jorgensen,

"Hi - You won't know me, I was an active member of the SWCC in 60's and 70's. I shared the years with Pete Francis, Judy/ Mick Day, John Harvey,
Steve West, Harvey Lomas, Pete Cardy, Paddy/Sue O'Reilly, Terry Moon, Jem/Terri Rowlands et al.

I am beginning to sort out old photographs etc and I was wondering if you might be be interested in using some of them for club records/display.
It will take me some time to go through them all and I am thinking that maybe I could send some to you via email from time to time, you can decide if you want to use them.

Please pass on my regards to any of the older members. Regards, Brian" ~ How could we refuse - yes please! Below is what Brian kindly send us in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011

Club Cottages c 1964
Alison Maddocks in the old kitchen c1972
Alison and Ken Maddocks by the first full survey in the LCR c1972
Bruce Foster in classic pose in Wasdale c1973
Bob Radcliffe climbing on the Gower c1973
Walking group c 1974. Bruce Foster, Pete Francis, Ken and Alison Maddocks
and "Doc" Rogers (GP from Neath - not SWCC)
Selenite Tunnel 1967/68 - unknown caver.
Group of Navy cavers with Richard Baynton (far L) c 1964
Selenite Tunnel 1967/68 - unknown caver.
OFD 2 1967/68 - unknown caver.
Testing the Balinka winch in the Forest of Dean c 1964 (both)
Alan Jackson in DYO 1974
Alan Jackson in DYO 1974 ~ The Cascades
Alan Jackson in DYO 1974 (both)
Alan Jackson in DYO 1974 ~ probably Corbel's Chamber
Alan Jackson in DYO 1974 ~ The Lakes
Pete Hall in DYO c1974/5
Unknown in DYO c1974/5
Brian Jorgensen in the Lakes DYO c1974/5
Penny Judson in DYO c1974/5
Andy Freem in the Traverses, OFD II c 1974
John Osborne (r) and Keith Ball disproving the theory of dowsing ~ c1972
Martyn Farr and Terry Moon at Bakerloo sump c 1974
Gary Jones in OFD Streamway
Gwyn Saunders in OFD II c 1974
Richard Baynton in small cave nr Oystermouth Castle c 1965
In Llethrid Swallet c 1964
Richard Baynton in small cave nr Oystermouth Castle c 1965
In Llethrid Swallet c 1964
SWCC in the Dolomites 1974 . . Pete Francis and Steve West
. . . Dave Mullins
. . . Pete Francis, Dave Mullins and Steve West
. . . Dave Mullins and Colin Fairbairn
. . . Steve West and Dave Mullins
Gary Jones, Maggie Thompson and Pete Hall brewing up in Smith's Armoury c1974
Gary Jones and Pete Hall in OFD 3 Streamway
Pete Francis and Pete Hall in Gnome Passage c1974?
A dowsing expedition near Carreg Cennen castle in the vicinity of Llygad Llwchr c1973. . . Marion (Colin Fairbairn's partner)
. . . . Colin Fairbairn and Terry Moon
. . . Colin Fairbairn in Arab dress
Peter Harvey c1974 - OFD2 near Cross Rift ?
Maggie Thompson and Gary Jones in the OFD3 Streamway
Gareth Davies in Crystal Pool Chamber OFD1
Jem Rowlands and Gareth Davies OFD1
C1973 Testing out a new cave diving rescue system in a pool in Wells
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Gareth Davis climbing in North Wales c 1974
Brian in 2008

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